Education Minor

An educational studies student works with high schoolers on a project

Program Description 

Our educational studies minor offers you an opportunity to understand the complex educational practices that shape American education program policies. Perhaps you already have teaching certification or maybe you’re looking toward a career that won’t require certification. Look no further. Educational studies weaves together the political, economic, social, and legal sectors at work so that this knowledge can be transferred to a variety of educational studies jobs as well as your own personal life as a taxpayer and citizen.

Education fuels humanity, and careers in education reach far beyond teaching. That’s why Rockhurst University offers an educational studies degree. The educational studies program complements other majors for a seamless academic experience. You’ll understand research-based theories on learning and teaching, fostering a lifelong love of inquiry, intellectual creativity and evidence-based decision-making skills. RU’s accredited School of Education is committed to developing educational studies graduates who go out into the world as informed citizens for productive educational environments in a democratic society.

The educational studies minor requires a total of 15 credit hours. It does not result in teacher certification. Should you decide to switch to our full bachelor's education program, you will be required to fulfill all university and state certification requirements.

Learning Outcomes 

The Missouri Teaching Standards convey the expectations of performance for professional teachers in Missouri. The standards are based on teaching theory indicating that education program graduates become effective teachers and/or citizens who:

  • Exercise discipline-specific content knowledge.
  • Plan and utilize innovative, evidence-based teaching strategies.
  • Assess and adjust teaching methods according to the needs of individual learners.
  • Gain awareness and feel empowered to work within diverse settings.

Prospective Students 

Current Students 



An educational studies minor will open doors to a number of educational studies jobs such as:

  • Secondary Education Teacher
  • Instructional Designer
  • Online Instructor
  • Instructional Coach
  • Innovation Specialist