Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor

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Program Description 

The women, gender and sexuality studies minor at Rockhurst examines the historical and contemporary circumstances that have shaped the relationships between women and men, and between women and women, in a variety of social settings. This gender studies minor raises fundamental questions about gender identity and relations, gender roles, gender equality, and about philosophical, natural scientific and social scientific assumptions regarding human nature.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Students with a women, gender and sexuality studies minor will have the ability to think critically and originally about relationships and roles between people
  • Graduates with this minor will take courses that draw upon a variety of scholarly perspectives and pedagogues including feminist scholarship and pedagogy

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


  • Explore critically how gender and sexuality intersect with other axes of identification such as race, class, nationality or religion
  • Demonstrate how these intersecting identities influence an individual’s experiences, achievements and positions in society
  • Engage in projects pertaining to women and their roles, treatment, and status in society
  • Consider questions of method which impact the way data is measured, interpreted, collected and presented with respect to women


  • The addition of Rockhurst’s women, gender and sexuality studies minor to a degree opens up career paths in industries including social services, nonprofit organizations, and public relations
  • Graduates with a gender studies minor gain a specialized perspective that is valuable in legal and criminal justice career paths