Peace and International Studies Major

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Program Description 

What is peace and international studies?

In our increasingly connected and complicated world, the ability to appreciate the working systems and cultures across the globe has never been more in-demand. The peace and international studies major at Rockhurst is designed to cultivate well-rounded representatives and leaders through interdisciplinary and international studies - allowing students to customize their degree to their own unique interests. Additionally, students seeking a peace and international studies major are required to take four semesters of college-level work in the same foreign language (or equivalent work approved by the Chair of the Department of Modern Languages).

Learning Outcomes 

  • Students seeking a peace and international studies major will have a working knowledge of world systems (cultural, political, economic, and historical)
  • In order to gain a degree in peace and international studies, students will produce competency in a second language sufficient for use in study, dialogue, diplomacy, and travel
  • Graduates will leave prepared to assume leadership roles in the 21st century in the Jesuit tradition of men and women for others

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


Students in the peace and international studies major are required to engage in experiential learning in an intercultural or global context. This may include study abroad, spring break service trips, biology field trips, or an intensive local service-learning project.


  • Peace and international studies major graduates from Rockhurst will be entering an increasingly-popular career path
  • The interdisciplinary nature of the global studies major allows for a variety of jobs in international relations and global studies careers
  • Lucrative peace and international studies careers include embassy/consular work, HR for global companies, international development, and even journalism