Civil Engineering Degree

Student in classroom

Program Description 

Rockhurst’s civil engineering degree prepares students for a career in what is considered one of the oldest engineering disciplines. The civil engineering classes in our program are designed to educate students in the many specialties within the field, such as structural, construction, environment, geotechnical and transportation. As one of the only civil engineering programs offered in the Kansas City metro, we’re proud to lead students in the city in their pursuit to learn how to become a civil engineer.

What is Civil Engineering?

Simply described, a civil engineering degree specializes in the environment that has been built around us. This field of study, however, is far from simple. From the construction of roads, buildings, bridges, or water supply systems, to managing a construction site, to analyzing research, civil engineers are responsible for the very foundation of the society we know. A civil engineering degree from Rockhurst will pave the way for an important and innovative career.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Students pursuing a civil engineering degree will encounter classes such as Engineering Graphics, Strengths of Materials, Structural Analysis, Steel Design and Engineering Hydraulics
  • Rockhurst’s civil engineering program will provide students with the technical knowledge and skill set needed to work immediately in most areas of the profession.

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


Civil engineering students will engage in highly-interactive projects that are simultaneously challenging, educational, and most importantly, fun! One such project is creating a bridge out of sticks that must hold 75 pounds of weight, as shown in the above video.


What is a civil engineer? What kind of career opportunities will I have?

  • A civil engineering graduate from Rockhurst will be entering a rapidly-growing industry with high job demand
  • Graduates will be knowledgeable of the fundamentals and specialties that exist within a civil engineering degree, providing plentiful career choice
  • Civil engineering jobs are plentiful in today’s workforce. A civil engineer salary averages around $82,000; engineering degrees provide a lead into a lucrative career