Economics Major

Student sits in class.

Program Description 

Exploring an economics degree in Kansas City? Look no further than the Bachelor of Arts in economics major within Rockhurst University’s prestigious Helzberg School of Management. Our bachelor of economics covers everything from international trade to environmental sustainability to global development and justice.

Is an economics degree worth it? Yes, because it gives you the opportunity to make a lasting impact on society. Our economics major does this by exploring the intersection of law and economics, preparing students to analyze and formulate policy, and setting them up for success in any number of dynamic jobs in the growing economics field. This is done not by simply studying theories, but by examining the living context of different government administrations, geopolitical events and business cycles. Our economics degree students graduate ready to propose effective, integrated solutions that can change the world.

Rockhurst economics faculty work closely with students to tailor coursework toward their intended career.

Learning Outcomes 

Economics degree graduates will be able to:

  • Formulate and argue policies that impact the economic environment, reflect on the impact of those policies upon oneself and one’s community in order to potentially affect beneficial public policy.
  • Distinguish and apply both positive and normative economic tools to define and debate economic issues and policy.
  • Recognize and analyze issues relating to ethics and social justice to propose and defend courses of action to create a more just world.
  • Define, describe, demonstrate and apply intermediate level economic theory.
  • Apply scientific method to develop new knowledge.
  • Integrate relevant cultural, social, political, historical, geographic and environmental factors into the analysis and debate of economic issues and courses of action.
  • Identify, access and analyze relevant quantitative and qualitative information to evaluate economic issues/problems, to develop forecasts and to select and evaluate appropriate courses of action.
  • Produce and deliver effective written and oral communications in a variety of contexts using appropriate technologies.

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


  • Internships: Rockhurst University’s Career Services helps students search for internships consistent with their economics major interests. Examples of internships economics students have secured include those with corporate entities, nonprofit organizations, and government or quasi-government bodies.
  • Networking: Students within the bachelor of economics program have endless opportunities to network with prospective employers through events such as Leadership and Ethics Day, Dinner with the Industry, and Meet the Firms.
  • Magis Leaders Program: Economics degree students have the opportunity to apply for a year-long, enhanced professional readiness program. With their mentor from the community, each student in the program will assess and adjust their personal and professional skills to enhance their performance in organizational settings.
  • Economics Club: A student-driven club mentored by faculty, the Economics Club provides opportunities for student leadership, the examination of current events and their economic impacts, book discussions, and social and networking opportunities for those interested in economics.


What can you do with an economics degree, you ask? Here are a few examples of economics degree jobs our bachelor of economics graduates have obtained:

  • Tess Hart, ’13, International Development Fellow, Catholic Relief Services, Niger
  • Guy Kirby Montgomery, ’09, Director of Product and Design, MSTS, and Co-Founder, TheraWe Connect, Kansas City, MO
  • Rachel Franklin, ’16, Analyst, Data and Analytics Group at The Advisory Company, Washington, DC
  • Danielle Naven, ’09, Community Partnerships Manager, goTenna, New York, NY
  • Phillip Steiner, ’13, Social Science Research Analyst, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Baltimore, MD
  • Maria Butz, ’10, CEO, TheraWe Connect, and Branch Lead, Crawford-Butz Insurance, Kansas City, MO
  • Grant Otte, ’18, Strategy and Innovation Team, Amigos for Christ, Nicaragua
  • Reece Clark, ’11, Technology Transactions & Data Privacy Associate, Polsinelli Law Firm, Kansas City MO
  • Nickolas Spelger, ’16, Senior Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
  • Tim Opitz, ’09, General Counsel, Renew Missouri, Columbia, MO
  • Trey Malone, ’10, Assistant Professor and Extension Economist, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI