Mechanical Engineering Degree

Students sit together in Arrupe Hall.

Program Description 

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering encompasses a variety of job duties, including the design, development, and maintenance of electrical equipment from generators to engines to robots used in manufacturing.

Representing one of the most comprehensive and diverse engineering disciplines, the mechanical engineering degree offered by Rockhurst University’s engineering department is an effective way to enter a lucrative, essential industry.

Learning Outcomes 

  • The Rockhurst and University of Missouri-Kansas City mechanical engineering partnership program produces graduates tuned to the technical, business, and strategic needs of industry and technology. The collaborative partnership between Rockhurst and UMKC makes this one of the more unique engineering programs in Missouri.
  • Mechanical engineering courses include Engineering Graphics, Thermal System Design, Computer-Aided Engineering, Energy Systems Design, as well as Mechanical Design Synthesis

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


  • By utilizing the partnership between Rockhurst and UMKC, mechanical engineering students can expect a collaborative, innovative, and well-rounding educational experience.


  • Mechanical engineering jobs are expected to see growth in the next decade, placing Rockhurst mechanical engineering graduates in a booming industry
  • In 2017, mechanical engineers earned an average yearly salary of $91,500, per a report from the U.S. Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Engineering Internships and Job Placement

The Rockhurst and UMKC campuses, located just a short walking distance from one another, are located in the business and cultural heart of Kansas City. This is an ideal location for engineering professionals, giving them a variety of opportunities for internships and part-time jobs at local engineering firms, often leading to job offers.

Kansas City is an engineering hub. Companies throughout the region are waiting for students with degrees in engineering and Rockhurst and UMKC maintain close connections with the area’s top employers, giving you an edge among other candidates.