Electrical Engineering Degree

Student sits in class in Conway Hall.

Program Description 

An electrical engineering degree from Rockhurst University is a powerful achievement. Responsible for the technology that powers our lives, an electrical engineer designs, tests, and improves electronic equipment from lighting and wiring systems to cars to smartphones. Rockhurst offers one of the more unique engineering programs in Kansas City, preparing you for all electrical engineering requirements, and ensuring that graduates are knowledgeable in each facet of the industry — from unique specialties to fundamental electrical engineering basics.

What is Electrical Engineering?

An electrical engineer is responsible for an impressive amount of the electrical technology we utilize in our daily lives — from designing to testing, an electrical engineering degree prepares graduates to manage technology as small as a microchip… and as large as a power plant. Our partnership program provides you with the technical knowledge and skillset you need to work immediately in most areas of this exciting profession.

Learning Outcomes 

  • An emphasis on classes including mathematics, communications, biometrics, control systems, and more
  • Rockhurst’s electrical engineering degree will ensure familiarity with areas of study including Circuit Theory, Signals and Systems, Waves and Fields, Power Systems and Microelectronic Circuits
  • The knowledge needed to complete all electrical engineering requirements and qualify for electrical engineering internships

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


Electrical engineering students participate in a variety of highly-engaging, educational, and fun projects to enhance their learning and understanding of the electrical engineering field.


  • Electrical engineering jobs are expected to stay consistent in the coming years
  • In 2017, electrical engineers earned an average yearly wage of $99,580, per a report from the U.S. Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
  • The electrical engineering industry is rapidly evolving, creating exciting career variety for graduates

Engineering Internships and Job Placement

The Rockhurst and UMKC campuses, located just a short walking distance from one another, are located in the business and cultural heart of Kansas City. This is an ideal location for engineering professionals, providing ample opportunities for internships and part-time jobs at local engineering firms, often leading to job offers.

Kansas City is an engineering hub. Companies throughout the region are waiting for students with degrees in engineering. Rockhurst and UMKC maintain close connections with the area’s top employers, giving you an edge among other candidates.