Visual Arts Minor

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Program Description 

The visual arts program, housed within the Department of Communication and Fine Arts, offers a visual arts minor to students who wish to explore the field of visual arts and its relationship to all fields of study offered at Rockhurst University. The program offers a diverse range of courses in art and art history. Visual arts students have a unique opportunity to craft an interdisciplinary course of study and cultivate their unique set of artistic talents. Cutting-edge studio spaces allow students to work in an expansive range of traditional and non-traditional disciplines including drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, photography and mixed media.

Learning Outcomes 

The Visual Arts minor approaches art as an essential way of expressing human experience. The study of art introduces students to a universal human activity and to a visual language that infuses form with meaning and affirms our common membership in one human family. Students may take courses in art history, drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics and other courses.

Course Map 

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


For students looking for art programs that combine artistic exploration with practical application, look no further. Rockhurst University students minoring in visual arts can supplement their academic studies with a myriad of opportunities for internships and exhibitions both on campus and in the greater Kansas City visual arts community.


Upon completion, students can explore exciting art careers including:

  • Graphic Design
  • Museum Jobs
  • Teaching
  • Photography
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The Visual Arts Department has many incredible new facilities including studio spaces to create inspiring work and exhibition spaces to showcase them. Learn more about what spaces the Visual Arts Department has to offer.

Studio Spaces


Several studio spaces are available for creating and refining your visual arts across several different mediums:

Exhibition Spaces


Multiple exhibition spaces are available to showcase your masterpieces in visual arts or gain inspiration from the work of others: