Academic Advising

Academic Advising is available to help students explore and learn about academic career options and university policies and procedures. At Rockhurst University, each student is assigned an academic advisor. Most often, the assigned advisor will be a faculty member from the student’s area of interest. In addition, each college within the University has a Director of Academic Advising who supports faculty advisors and serves as a resource for students. 

Students should see their assigned advisors to discuss selecting an appropriate program of study and choosing courses that will complete degree requirements. As a student, you can make the most of your college experience by understanding student and advisor roles and responsibilities.

Browse this section to find answers to frequently asked questions, information about Rockhurst's core curriculum and location advising, as well as important advising forms.

Registration Course Petitions: If you wish to petition to be added to a closed class, please complete this form. Your petition will be received by the appropriate Deans’ office who will then respond to your request.

Questions? Feel free to contact the directors of advising for any of Rockhurst's colleges and schools. 

College of Arts and Sciences
Robert Hamilton, Director of Academic Advising
Van Ackeren 217

College of Health and Human Services
Terry Forge, Director of Academic Advising
Van Ackeren 300B

College of Business, Influence, and Information Analysis
Paul Nunez, Director of Undergraduate Advising
Conway 201B

Helzberg School of Management
Jonnae Hill, Director of Graduate Advising
Conway 201C

Matthew Honeycutt, Director of Graduate Admissions
Conway 201E

Saint Luke's College of Health Sciences
Sherry Harold, Medical Assisting and Associates Programs

Jessica Burson, BSN

Sue McLaughlin, RN to BSN

Jenny Christopher, MSN