Film Studies Minor

Students work together in the science center.

Program Description 

The film studies minor at Rockhurst University is a 15-hour interdisciplinary program that helps students develop the skills to appreciate all aspects of the film experience. Students pursuing a film studies minor will approach film as an art form that provokes complex intellectual and emotional responses. While learning about the different cultures, approaches, and responses to film, students will ultimately be working to get to the bottom of what makes films fascinating.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Film studies minor students will learn the fundamentals of film form (staging, cinematography, editing, sound)
  • Film studies minor students will become literate in not only the fundamentals, but the conventions and strategies that span all film cultures

Course Map 

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


  • Students pursuing a film studies minor will enjoy an interdisciplinary studies experience designed to build a varied, comprehensive view of film theory as an art and cultural phenomenon


  • One of the fastest-growing disciplines in many colleges, film studies are a useful addition to a variety of degrees
  • Graduates with a film studies minor often secure jobs in the quickly-expanding communications industry 
  • The addition of a film studies minor onto a related major opens up new career options, including cinematography, casting direction, and talent representation