Public Policy Degree

Student looks on in class.

Program Description 

Rockhurst University’s public policy major prepares students to engage with the modern policy environment through interdisciplinary coursework that stresses in-depth analysis of political, economic and social issues. In addition to the lower division and core courses, students apply their knowledge through an internship, co-op or research project under faculty supervision.

Combined with the broader Rockhurst experience focused on creating “men and women who reflect upon the reality of the world around you with all its ambiguities, opportunities and challenges,” this course of study provides students with the skillsets to impact policy-making in both public and private institutions.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Data analysis and presentation
  • Verbal communication/professional writing
  • Will gain an interdisciplinary approach to public policy
  • Economic/political analysis

Course Map 

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


The public policy degree requires students to complete one internship, co-op work project, or individual research experience as a part of the degree. Students may complete an internship in any location, so while they may choose to work with a Kansas City-based organization, they may also find an internship in the regional state capitals, in Washington D.C., or even in international locations. If students find full-time positions in the policy-making arena, they may earn academic credit through Rockhurst’s innovative co-op program. Finally, students can choose to work with faculty or other groups to complete an original piece of policy research.

This major is truly interdisciplinary and contains courses from political science, economics, criminal justice, communication, mathematics, as well as offerings from English, history, women & gender studies and nonprofit leadership.

Kansas City, Missouri, is the perfect setting for a study of policymaking. We are home to many federal agencies, situated in an urban core that is an inventive testing-ground for the cities of the future, located near state capitals and adjacent to industry leaders in tech, agriculture and health care.


Specific public policy jobs for new graduates include, but are not limited to, the following positions:

  • Research Analyst
  • Nonprofit organization
  • State/local government employee
  • Post-graduate study in law, public administration, political science, economics, public health, business administration
  • Community relations
  • Public affairs