Political Science Degree

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Program Description 

Political science is the systematic study of the individual's relationship with government. It investigates the nature and purpose of government, the principles on which it rests, the justification of political authority, the legal and moral aspects of that authority and the nature and development of the great human freedoms. Courses offered here focus on these concerns in the American and international political systems. The approach with the political science major combines the practical with the theoretical so contemporary political issues can be better understood.

Course work within this area of study is useful for those who are oriented toward elective, appointive and administrative positions at all levels of government, as well as for those interested in politics as an avocation. It can also help prepare students for graduate studies in law and the social sciences, as well as for business, journalism and broadcasting careers.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Students will be able to identify and compare key theories in political science and the assumptions associated with those theories 
  • Students will evaluate the credibility of knowledge based claims 
  • Students will be able to apply political science concepts to real world policy and political questions 
  • Students will be able to evaluate the findings of political science research 
  • Students will be able to create professional communications

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


  • Students have had internships with:  
    • Offices of members of Congress 
    • Political campaigns 
    • The legal community 
  • Our faculty can help identify opportunities for internship experiences in Kansas City, state capitals, Washington DC, or in relevant sectors wherever our students hope to call "home"
  • Rockhurst is uniquely located for students seeking to better understand their place in the world of politics and policy. The Kansas City metro is home to numerous governmental entities, an active legal community, political campaign and consultant offices, and near our regions state government capitals. Kansas City is also home to foreign consulates, global non-profits, think tanks, and international enterprises
  • Dean's Scholar program – earn a bachelor's and master's degree in only 5 years! Learn more about the program here


Graduates pursue careers in areas such as:  

  • Public administration and government 
  • Nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations 
  • Journalism and the media 
  • Law school 
  • Graduate school and advanced studies