Music Minor

Women's choir singing

Program Description 

A music minor from Rockhurst University is an effective way to enhance a major in a related field. The music minor offers a range of courses that provide opportunities for the study of music literature, and various options for the applied study of music performance. Music Literature courses emphasize an interdisciplinary approach by exploring the effects of literature, visual arts, philosophy, history, and social conditions upon the creation of musical art.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Students will gain a broader, comprehensive appreciation for music as an art, as well as an influential piece of society and history
  • Degrees in related fields can be greatly enhanced by the cultural perspectives gained by working toward a minor in music

Course Map 

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


  • The music minor from Rockhurst allows for both flexibility and dedication to the study of music and the music industry
  • Students may perform in the University Chorus, Chamber Singers, and Women’s Chorale


  • Adding a music minor to your degree can enhance your hiring appeal and differentiate you from career competition
  • Graduates with a music minor from Rockhurst are eligible for many jobs in the music industry, including accompanist, artist management and arts administration