Applied Mathematics

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Program Description 

An applied mathematics degree at Rockhurst University serves as a marriage between the mathematical sciences and what many call “the real world.” In an inclusive classroom, our students apply fundamental mathematics to problems in specific areas of study and industry. Our applied mathematics courses encourage innovative thinking, workable solutions, and pave the way for lucrative and practical careers in mathematics.

What is Applied Mathematics?

While it may sound simple, applied mathematics is exactly what the words state: the application of mathematics to an industry or area of study. Whether it’s engineering, linguistics, or even performance art, the application of mathematical sciences can provide answers and solutions that improve efficiency and inspire creativity.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Applied Mathematics students will demonstrate proficiency of mathematics in areas including Algebra, Statistics, Calculus, Number Theory, and Differential Equations
  • Demonstrate their understanding of mathematical sciences through their ability to engage in rigorous mathematical thinking as well as authentic problem-solving.
  • Solve problems in novel settings using applied mathematics, preparing them for a variety of careers in mathematics.
  • Independently read mathematics in order to engage in mathematical reasoning.
  • Effectively communicate applied mathematics ideas in both writing and orally.
  • Appropriately use technology to support and illustrate their mathematical investigations and problem-solving.

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


  • Students must satisfy an off-campus internship/work experience together with at least one credit hour of the Career Services course, CP 3910 - Co-op Work Projects I. This experiential learning requirement must be in a mathematically-related field
  • Dean's Scholar program – earn a bachelor's and master's degree in only 5 years! Learn more about the program


  • Students with an applied mathematics degree from Rockhurst can look forward to graduate programs in applied mathematics or their related fields of study.
  • Graduates of this program can find successful applied mathematics jobs in fields such as analytics, finance, materials science, and even computer animation.