Students walking on campus

Program Description 

Pre-law is a program designed to advise students about the opportunity of attending law school and entering the legal profession. We welcome students that want to explore the possibility of a legal education as well as students that have already decided to pursue a legal education. The goal of the program is to assist the student in making an informed decision about law school. Pre-law advising includes discussing possible majors and classes to prepare for law school, information about the law school application process, information about the LSAT, information about specific law schools, and information about careers in the legal profession.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Understand the requirements and process for admission to law school.
  • Select a major and classes that are of interest to the student and will help the student reach the goal of attending law school. 
  • Understand the career opportunities associated with obtaining a law degree. 
  • Be accepted to law school.

Course Map 

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


Students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities offered by joining the Rockhurst chapter of Phi Alpha Delta the national Pre-law Fraternity. 


  • Graduates have an increased possibility of being accepted into law school.
  • Graduates pursue careers as:  
    • Prosecutors  
    • Criminal defense attorneys 
    • Business attorneys
    • Intellectual property attorneys
    • Government service officials