Statistics Minor

A student in statistics class

Program Description 

Adding a statistics minor to a degree at Rockhurst University provides students with advanced reasoning skills and methods for understanding and producing data. Statistical application and theory knowledge can add a valuable perspective to related degrees, and a minor in statistics provides an elevated level of hiring desirability for graduates.

The estimated growth in mathematics and statistics related careers in the next 10 years is expected to be twice that of the overall job market. Organizations like Cerner, JE Dunn, VeriShip, Lockton, Harley Davidson, the Kansas City Public Library and the city of Kansas City, Missouri, provide students learning experiences outside of the classroom through internships and community engagement. Inside the classroom, our approach to teaching focuses on active learning and reflection, giving students the opportunity to develop their creativity, perseverance and critical thinking skills. Now is the best time to join the exciting field of statistics!

A statistics minor is a great complement to all disciplines in the physical and social sciences, business and engineering, as well as many of the humanities because it provides the foundational tools for a better understanding and interpretation of social and natural phenomena and therefore, for a better understanding of the world we live in. Our department is committed to providing relevant and practical courses, as well as extracurricular opportunities that develop students’ lifelong commitment to learning, leadership and service.

“Interacting with the mathematics faculty in the Rockhurst setting was really positive because the small class sizes allowed students to ask more questions and get to know the professors.” Hayley Nemeth, ’15, applied mathematics

Learning Outcomes 

Students will be able to: 

  • A statistics minor engages students in rigorous thinking, authentic problem solving, statistical analysis and build reasoning skills
  • Communicate effectively their statistical understanding in a variety of settings, both orally and in writing
  • Use technology where appropriate to support and illustrate their statistical investigations and problem-solving
  • Describe, interpret and do exploratory analysis of data
  • Analyze data appropriately using:
    • probability theory
    • statistical reasoning and inferential methods
    • statistical computing and
    • statistical modeling

Course Map 

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


  • Students seeking a stats minor engage in an active and stimulating class environment
  • Dynamic curriculum developed in consultation with experts in applied mathematical professions
  • Internship opportunities
  • Research projects in statistical data and industry
  • Service opportunities
  • Personalized attention from our world-class faculty through teaching, mentoring and advising

“When hiring a Rockhurst graduate, I know they come with a solid educational foundation, which allows them to adapt to new challenges quickly.” Chris Weber, Chief Software Architect Netchemia, a PeopleAdmin Company


With a minor in statistics combined with a major, students can start their career as analysts in:

  • Big data
  • Global health
  • Public policy and economics
  • Psychology
  • Risk management

Many disciplines are currently recognizing the increasing demand for statisticians. Last year, LinkedIn named “statistical analysis and data mining” one of the “hottest skills that got people hired.” In addition, the job site CareerCast and advocacy organization Young Invincibles recently named statistics in separate reports one of the best careers based on factors like pay, growth and job satisfaction.