Pre-Pharmacy Program

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Program Description 

The College of Arts and Sciences at Rockhurst University offers a pre-pharmacy program designed to help students complete the pharmacy school requirements needed to continue their pharmacy major. Pre-pharmacy at Rockhurst is a non-degree track and two-year program.

Learning Outcomes 

  • With the help of an advisor, pre-pharmacy students at Rockhurst will explore four year pharmacy school options and choose prerequisite coursework accordingly
  • Pre-pharmacy students will receive a well-rounded education, with course work including general biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, calculus, and English composition.

Course Map 

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


  • Designed as a launch pad into further pharmacy education, the pre-pharmacy program at Rockhurst is an ideal setting for students to receive guidance and preparation for the pharmacy school application process
  • Because pharmacy schools differ regarding prerequisite classes, pre-pharmacy advisors will help students identify several schools of pharmacy in order to fill the prerequisite requirement and expand professional school options


How to become a pharmacist?

  • Graduates of the pre-pharmacy program at Rockhurst will be prepared for application and transition to a four year pharmacy school
  • Pre-pharmacy students at Rockhurst will meet the requirements needed for pharmacy school acceptance