Publicity Resources

Each organization can provide a banner to hang for free on the outside of Massman Hall. Groups are only permitted two banners per event. Banners are to be submitted to Massman 1 and will be put up by building staff. The posting of banners are on a first-come/first-serve basis. When creating your banner, please take note of the Banner Policy, which is displayed in the Posting Policy. 

Copy Cave - Massman Hall Lower Level, ext. 4665
All student organizations have copy codes set up which allow the use of printing at the copy center, as well as the copier under the stairs in M1.

Hawk Roll Call Newsletter 
The Hawk Roll Call Newsletter is a bi weekly newsletter to serve as a resource for student organizations to partner and communicate with each other and with the office of Student Life. It is our goal to create a newsletter for each organizations contact person and advisor to receive via email every other Friday. If you would ever like to add something to the newsletter, please send us your announcement to Angie Carr Robinett at

Posters and Flyers
The most common and often used form of publicity, posters can be put up in most buildings on campus. As a general rule, posters and flyers must abide by the Rockhurst Posting Policy. See Below for full detail of Posting Policy.

Rockhurst Calendar
Student Organizations can have their events posted on the Rockhurst calendar. This should be done only after the event registration paperwork is completed and a room has been reserved with Physical Plant. Email Susan Janet, Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Office Manager information about your event and she can post it to the Rockhurst on line calendar.  Only events that are open to the public and that are alcohol free will be posted on the University on line calendar. If you need additional information posted on the calendar, please email Susan Janet.

Rockhurst TV Ads
Student Organizations can have their events posted on the Rockhurst electronic TV’s. This should be done only after the event registration is completed. To post something on the TV, please email one PowerPoint slide to and explain how long you would like your slide to play.

Posting Policy 
Posting & Distribution Policy

Rockhurst University recognizes the need for publicizing as a part of ensuring the success of events and programs throughout the Rockhurst Community. For this reason, this policy has been established in order to outline the approval process, guidelines for posting, and strategies for distributing materials on campus.


 Only groups or events falling into any of the following categories will be authorized to post or distribute materials on campus: a) recognized clubs or organizations; b) sponsored programs and departments; c) events sponsored by the University.

Outside groups are limited to one piece for posting. This must be brought to Massman 1 for approval. Postings must follow all RU posting guidelines and can only be posted on the bulletin board in the lobby of Sedgwick as this is the designated location for off-campus postings.

Approval Process 
1) Prior to posting or distribution, all materials must be brought to the Student Development Office in Massman 1 to be approved and stamped. After approval by Student Development staff, a copy of all approved postings will be retained in a posting notebook. 
2) Ten copiescan be left in Massman 1 and will be hung by Student Development work-studies in the locked bulletin boards across campus reserved for postings. Postings can also be affixed to other approved boards in various campus locations (no more than 15). 
3) Materials to be posted or distributed in University-owned housing must be approved by a Residence Life staff member after approval through the Student Development Office. Once approved, up to 25 copies should be left with Residence Life for distribution to Residence Directors.


  • Materials being posted or distributed are limited to 50 (8 ½” x 11” or 11” x 17”) copies per event (including those distributed in residence halls) and banners will be limited to 1 per event. Any number exceeding the maximum number requires approval by the Director of Student Life.
  • Posted or distributed materials must clearly indicate the event date and time, sponsoring organization or office, and clearly promote its University-related activity or cause.
  • The content of all items considered for posting or distribution must be free of derogatory remarks, degrading stereotypes, obscene language, or references to alcohol, drugs or illegal activities.
  • All approval for materials to be posted or distributed will be valid for one week from the date of posting. All materials must be taken down by one day after the event unless additional posting days have been approved by the Director of Student Life. It is the sole responsibility of the sponsoring party to take down and dispose of their materials.
  • Materials may not be distributed or posted on windows, doors (or any other glass sites), departmental bulletin boards, vehicles, ceilings, woodwork, elevator walls, over the materials of another approved group or individual, or any device that provides a fire and life safety function.
  • Solicitation and materials to be distributed under residence hall doors may only be done if scheduled and approved through the Residence Life Office and take place between the hours of 6:00 p.m. through 10:00 p.m. No solicitation or distribution of materials may take place in the residence halls during quiet hours, mid-term exams, or final exams.
  • Use of sidewalk chalk is permitted except within ten feet of building entrances, under covered walkways, on the brick walkways, building columns, patio entrances and the steps of Massman, Greenlease, and Science Center. Use of anything other than sidewalk chalk, such as charcoal or oil based products, is not allowed.
  • All posting must be hung with blue painters tape available in Massman 1.

The following Rockhurst Community groups or members are exempt from the guidelines above for the reasons: a) Rockhurst University Security Department – in the event of an incident where students need to be informed of a safety or security issue; b) Registrar’s Office – for classroom and scheduling information.

Advertising Alternatives  
Student Development Office (Massman 1, x4127)

  • Community Board (size limited to 8.5” x 11”)
  • Easels to display posterboard signs near the SAB Office or the Rock Room
  • Glass display case in the Rock Room
  • Outdoor banner in front of the Massman Gallery
  • Student Organization Mailboxes in Massman 1
  • Rockhurst Daily News (RDN) –
  • The Sentinel – x4051 or
  • Flat screen TV ads – (one PowerPoint slide)
  • Sodexo – TMDR, Pub, Planet Sub
  • Table tents
  • Napkin holders

Special advertisements such as large scale decorations in the Cafeteria, Massman Gallery, the Quad, or on multiple sidewalks across campus must be detailed in written form (with proposed illustrations, list of decorations, clean up plans that include a deadline for removal of decorations, etc.) and be approved by all of the following individuals: 
o Director of Student Life (Massman 1) 
o Physical Plant Operations Coordinator (Conway 403) 
o Sodexo Manager (Thomas Moore Dining Room)

Rockhurst University Security Officers, Physical Plant personnel, Student Senators, and Student Development staff (including work studies) are authorized to take down advertisements of anyone violating the University posting policy.

Student Senate will normally follow up with students and student organizations who appear to be in violation of the posting policy. Student Development staff will follow up with staff/faculty members and departments who appear to be in violation of the posting policy. If postings are in violation of the posting policy, the student/student organization or department in violation will have 24 hours to remove the postings.

Violations of this policy may result in suspension of posting and distribution privileges. Student organizations violating this policy may also experience a decrease in their subsequent Student Activity Fee allocation. The sponsoring party may also be billed for clean up expenses or repairs where applicable.

This policy, although fairly comprehensive, may not be all-inclusive and the Dean of Students or her/his designee reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy in the interest of public safety or where otherwise necessary. Neither the contents of this policy, nor the receipt of an approval stamp for posting, should in any way be understood as an endorsement or support by Rockhurst University of the materials being posted or the actual function(s) being advertised.