RU Greek Life = Leadership, Service, Friendship

Rockhurst student spirit

Choose from nine Greek organizations – five fraternities and four sororities – where you’ll find a network of individuals with similar values built on a strong brotherhood and sisterhood. It’s about friendships that span a lifetime. It’s about a built-in academic support system. A lifestyle of community service and leadership. And so much more.

Stats About Greek Life at RU

  • All-Greek GPA is an impressive 3.47, higher than the all-student GPA of 3.34.
  • All-sorority GPA is 3.52, compared to the all-female GPA of 3.40.
  • All-fraternity GPA is 3.38 versus the all-male GPA of 3.25.
  • Greeks complete an average of 3,500 community service hours per year.
  • Many of campus leaders, orientation coordinators and presidents of organizations such as Student Senate and SAB are Greek.

If you think Greek life is something you’d be interested in, get started or contact us with any questions at 816-501-4398. Check out our information specific to parents.