RU First!

Who We Are

Throughout the country there are many differing definitions of first generation college students, here at Rockhurst University our first generation students are anyone whose parent or guardian has not graduated from a four-year college or university. RU First is designed to celebrate our First Gen students and all of their successes along their journey through graduation. We are also here to serve as a resource if things may not go according to plan, or if you need help meeting your goals! This program is open to new students, returning student and transfer students.

Our Mission Statement

RU First will create an inclusive and welcoming environment in which first generation students feel comfortable and thrive. RU First will connect students with information, on- campus support and enhanced services to accompany them along their four-year journey.  We will celebrate as our first generation students achieve milestones, and complete their goal of graduation. 

A Message to our First Generation College Students

Thank you so much for coming to Rockhurst. We are so excited and blessed to have you be a part of our group. We have a great respect for you as a pioneer, foraging your own path ahead.  We are confident you are going to change our community just by being here, and respect the hard work and tenacity of applying and moving forward towards a degree. We want you to know that you as much as anyone deserves a place at our table, within our classrooms and embedded in our community, we hope to help along the way.

-Ashley Halter
Success Coach

What is the RU Recipe for Success?

Attend Orientation

Orientation presents information you need about becoming an RU student before you start your first class. It’s an important step to take; where you will learn about all the resources Rockhurst has to offer. You'll meet faculty and staff, as well as student leaders who will introduce you to the spirit and traditions of RU, the academic life at the University and other new students. Please look for your orientation packet and additional information emailed and mailed to you during the summer months. You can also find more information out online.

First Year Seminar

These courses are designed to help students make their transition to college. They cover resources, make connections, and build your Rockhurst career and major. The first year seminar options are: Freshman in Science, First Year Seminar (humanity majors, social sciences, and still deciding students), Freshman in Nursing, Professional Readiness (for business students), and Intro to Computing and Engineering programs

Get Involved!

Getting involved is a wise choice and Rockhurst has nearly 70 organizations from which to choose. Registered Student Organizations (RSO) provide students the opportunity to form and develop organizations based on a variety of personal, social, political, recreational, religious, and common interests. Through your involvement with an RSO you will have the opportunity to meet new people, develop your interest and have fun. If you do not find an organization that meets your interests, you can start an organization to bring fellow students together.

Get to know your academic advisor

Your academic advisor is your guide throughout your time in Rockhurst. They can provide you guidance when you schedule classes, but they are also a resource if you are struggling with classes, decision-making, or need advice about resources and academic planning.

Use support services if you need it

All successful people have mentors, coaches and people that have helped them along the way. Rockhurst has a variety of services throughout campus to help students along the way. Don’t be afraid to ask faculty, advisors, or staff for assistance! Take advantage of the resources the school has to offer, all tutoring, counseling and supplemental instruction are offered to you free of charge. The success coach is a great place to start if you aren’t sure where to go for assistance!

Ask questions and be present in class

Speak up in class. The best image you can present to a professor is that you are here, and ready to learn. This includes ATTENDING class, being PRESENT, and asking/ answering questions the professors may ask the class.

RU First Events


Welcome Event
Get Involved
Table at Free Stuff Fair


Success Academy Work Shops


Mid Term mixer
Panel discussion (Topics: Registration, using resources, Add/ Drop)


Hall of Inspiration November 8th
Thanksgiving meal


End of semester meal


Welcome back/ Orientation for new students


Valentine’s Day gathering/ Mid Term break


Spring Fling gathering


April gathering


Graduation/ End of year luncheon