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The RockCast is a college podcast made by Rockhurst University students for Rockhurst University students... and anyone interested in life at Rockhurst. Students hold discussions on current events, campus news and activities, advice for thriving at Rockhurst... and almost everything the listeners submit for discussion topics. You can find the RockCast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and SoundCloud. To watch the Zoomcast, see our YouTube page.

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RockCast Podcast Season 3 Episode 1

(Season 3 Episode 1) We're back for Season 3! Bri'Yana, Damian, and Katia recap their summers, preview the year ahead, and talk about what's new on campus.

RockCast Podcast 0215 Year Recap and Summer Preview
Sydney, Damian, and Bri'Yana are back and in person for the final time this season to discuss jumping into the post-graduation working world, summer jobs, advice for soon-to-be-seniors, as well as recap the 2021-2022 school year at Rockhurst.
No more Zoom! Sydney, Bri'Yana, Niél, and Damian are in the studio for the first time and welcome special guest Luke Spencer. Luke shares his story of overcoming multiple concussions and a severe car accident that shattered his dreams of being an officer in the Navy. Luke is working his way back to full health and talks to the group about the unique challenges he faces as a student writing his recovery story.

Also: Hawk Wild Week and a message from your new Student Senate president!
LaTisha Davis, Rockhurst Director of Multicultural Belonging and Engagement
Bri’Yana, Sydney, Katia, and Damian welcome one of Rockhurst's newest community resources for students, LaTisha Davis. Coming from KU, Davis talks about her role as the first-ever RU director for Multicultural Belonging and Engagement. Davis highlights her goals for the office and how they relate to students truly feeling like Rockhurst is a home for all. She also says it's important for each student to have someone on campus they trust who they can go to for advice, support, or to simply listen to them.

Also this week, the students talk about the first FOSA (Festival of Student Achievement) held in person since the pandemic began and how fulfilling the experience was this year.
emma rapp podcast director of student life
On the final day of Women’s History Month, the RockCast welcomes Rockhurst Director of Student Life and small business owner Emma Rapp. Emma talks openly about the uncertainty she had when graduating college through her journey to grad school, Creighton University, and eventually to a director at Rockhurst. Emma also talks with the group about her “random” (her word) small business that has been featured among the best in Kansas City.
Ashley Neybert cover graphic
In a special Women's History Month episode, we talk with Ashley Neybert. Ashley overcame some unimaginable challenges to transfer to Rockhurst and get her degree. As you’ll hear, while at another school she got the call one night that her family was in a serious car accident and was being life-flighted to a hospital. Ashley had to move with her family from Colorado to Kansas City to help them recover, but there was another challenge… Ashley was going blind.
Sandra Cassady introduced as the 15th president of Rockhurst University
This was a big news week at Rockhurst with the naming of the University’s 15th president (and first female and lay president), Dr. Sandra Cassady. We give our reaction to the news, as well as dive into the global news of the week – Russia and Ukraine. For perhaps the first time ever, we have access inside the war through social media – and the images are heartbreaking.

Finally, we review Black History Month at Rockhurst and provide updates on upcoming events.
BSU members speak during the Stand for Solidarity event
"What will you do when no one is watching?"

On February 3, a group of individuals tried to hijack a Rockhurst Black Student Union virtual event celebrating Black History Month. The call featured local Black business owners and was just getting started when the invaders started hurling racial epithets and derogatory statements, as well as displaying extremely inappropriate images of children. The virtual event was quickly terminated.

Local and federal investigations have been launched to find the offenders.

Longtime RockCast host Bri’Yana serves as BSU president and was on the call. She has invited to the podcast two additional BSU members who were on the call, as well as staff sponsor Alicia Douglas, to join her, Daniel, and Sydney to talk about what happened, the emotion everyone felt when it occurred, and what happened next.
Mariah Schneider, Rockhurst accounting student and future MBA graduate
Mariah Schneider has spent the last 10-plus years of her life as a server, bartender and manager at the popular Brookside, Kansas City, Mexican restaurant, Jalapenos. A few years ago she decided she would go back to school and eventually transferred to Rockhurst. Now, the new mom is on the verge of graduating with a bachelor's degree in accounting and will soon pursue an MBA.

Mariah talks with us about her decision to go back to school, how business classes have been for her, and her journey to choose not one, but two internships among the many presented to her as part of Rockhurst's career preparation strategies.
Winter 2021 graduates

In this special edition of the RockCast, we hear from Winter Commencement speakers Berkley Hays (undergraduate), Nancy Miller (graduate), and Fr. Tom Curran (president).