Declaration of Major Policy

Declaring a Major

To provide organization, intensive work and a comprehensive grasp of a field of knowledge, each student must elect a field of concentration on which most of the work of the upper division (courses numbered 3000-4999) will center.

Before a student may be accepted as a major in a specific area, the student should be in the process of completing at least 60 hours of course work and have a grade-point average of at least 1.85. Some programs require a higher GPA for admission, therefore the student should consult the appropriate section section of the catalog. The 60 hours of completed course work should include the lower division (courses numbered 1000-2999) requirements of the liberal core as well as the lower division prerequisites of the proposed major. Declaration of major forms are available in the Registrar's Office, the Registrar's Office website, Dean's offices, or from academic advisors.

Once a student declares a major, the Registrar's Office sends a degree audit to the student and their academic advisor. this record shows exactly where the courses taken fit into the academic program, and is used to track the student's progress toward degree completion.