Summary of Tuition and Fees per Year

Tuition and Fees

Housing Cost per Academic Year

Other Fees (1)

Parking (4)

Regular Plan — The student submits payment in full prior to the start of classes.

Tuition Management Systems  — TMS is a 10‐payment plan administered by a third-party service agency. There is a $75 enrollment fee. Payments are made August through May. This program is available for students enrolling in the fall. See for more information.

Matriculation fee (non‐refundable, all first‐time graduate, professional studies and transfer students)

Orientation fee (all first/full‐time enrolling students)

Orientation fee (transfer students)

Engineering and computing program fee (2) 

Housing and security deposit(resident students only)

Student health insurance (3)

Liability insurance for Communication Sciences and Disorders, Occupational Therapy and Doctor of Physical Therapy students

(1) For a complete listing of tuition and fees visit The University reserves the right to change tuition and fees at any time

(2) The engineering and computing program fee is a one‐time fee assessed upon the student’s entry into the program and does not apply to students already enrolled in the program prior to fall 2016.

(3) Student health insurance rates shown are from 2015‐16 and subject to annual increase; additional coverage options available based on enrollment status and election of spouse and/or child coverage. University‐sponsored student health insurance is required for all international students. Full‐time undergraduate and graduate students who provide proof of equivalent health insurance coverage through an on‐line waiver system by the established deadline will not be required to purchase the University plan. Part‐time undergraduate and graduate students are invited to purchase the health insurance plan as needed. For more information visit student insurance web page.

(4) Parking fee is mandatory. If you are not driving a vehicle to campus or have alternative transportation not requiring your vehicle to be parked on campus, then the parking fee will be waived upon appropriate notification to University Administration.

Financial Aid

Rockhurst University has an extensive financial aid program aimed at helping all students who are academically qualified to attend the University. Our programs include all federal and state aid programs as well as institutional aid. Eligible students may receive assistance, which includes scholarships, grants, loans, and work‐study programs.

Eligibility for Financial Aid

All degree‐seeking students are eligible to apply for financial aid. Eligibility for specific need‐based assistance is based upon federal standards. Eligibility for merit‐based assistance by the University is detailed in the University Catalog.

Applying for Financial Aid

Interested students should submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the Central Processor prior to February 1 if the planned date of entry to Rockhurst is the fall semester. Students entering the spring or summer terms should complete a FAFSA as soon as possible. Financial aid is awarded on a first‐come, first‐served basis.

All merit scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis once the student is admitted to the University. No separate application is necessary. Any combination of gift aid from institutional and outside resources will not exceed the student’s actual cost of attendance.

Payment Programs

Rockhurst has a number of payment programs available for students. Students are billed prior to the beginning of a term. Payment arrangements must be finalized prior to the start of the term. Students may pay in the following ways:

  • Regular Plan — The student submits payment in full prior to the start of classes.
  • Tuition Management Systems — TMS is a 5‐payment plan, per semester, administered by a third party service agency. There is a $75 enrollment fee. Payments are made from July through April. This program is available for students enrolling in the fall.  Go to the website at