Student Instructions for Granting Parent/Guest Access

Student Instructions for Granting Parent/Guest Access

(For Degree Seeking Students)


The Parent/Guest Access function available in My Campus/Rockweb allows you as the student to grant access to your confidential information to your parents or another third party. If you choose to do so, this access designates the parent or third party as your “Proxy” to view your private academic information. (Student payment processes are completed online through the Student Account Center (SAC). A separate parent authorization and PIN is required through

Remember that releasing confidential information should never be taken lightly.  Always use caution in assigning permissions to your confidential account information.


Instructions for Students:

  1. Login to My Campus ( and choose Rockweb

  2. Select Parent/Guest Menu

  3. Select Parent/Guest Management

  4. Select Add Proxy

  5. Read the information contained on the page and complete the required information flagged with a red * in order to proceed.

  6. Once complete, select Add Proxy again to generate an email to your Parent/Guest indicating that you have selected them to view your records.

  7. Expand the name of the Parent/Guest and complete the required fields indicated by the red *.

  8. Once your Parent/Guest responds to the system generated email, grant her/him authorization to one or more of the categories in your account. Then, select E-mail Authorizations on the right side of the screen to send them an email notification of the authorizations list. Remember that you may cancel Parent/Guest access to categories at any time. 

  9. The newest feature recently added to the Parent/Guest Menu is the ability for your Proxy to make online payments to your student account.   You must first update your Parent/Guest Menu to authorize this option for your parent(s).

If the Parent/Guest has difficulties or forgets their password, the student may reset it at any time.  If the student is unable to resolve the issues, please email or call the Office of the Registrar at 816-501-3547.


Common Issues:

  • If the Parent/Guest forgets their password, the student may establish a new temporary password through the Parent/Guest account.

  • To be in compliance with FERPA, the student has the right to control which information is granted to the Parent/Guest Proxy.

  • Proxy attempts to access the Parent/Guest Menu at work may be blocked due to business firewalls that do not allow access to some outside internet sites.  If this occurs, the Proxy must contact their workplace network administrator to request access to the website.

  • If a Parent/Guest access disappears after being granted, the dates set for access may have expired -- new access dates must be established in order to re-establish access.
  • Note: Authorization given to a Proxy to access your information through the Parent Portal does NOT allow Rockhurst University School Officials to discuss your information with that third party unless a signed FERPA release is on file.  To give permission to Rockhurst University employees to discuss your private educational information, please submit the FERPA authorization to the Registrar's Office.
  • Note: Payment on the student’s account is only available through the Student Accounts Center (SAC) and must be accessed through . Students may access the Student Accounts Center through their single sign-on in Rockweb and must give authorization to their parent to make payments on their behalf. The SAC parent authorization is separate from the Parent/Guest portal access.