Transferring College Credits & Courses

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Will My Credits Transfer?

Here are helpful resources to help guide you through the transfer process. Know that our transfer team in the Office of Admission and our professional advising staff is here to assist you at any point in the process.

A transfer student is any applicant to Rockhurst who has earned at least 12 or more credit hours of coursework from another accredited college or university. Rockhurst accepts up to 64 credit hours from two-year junior or community colleges, and has a special Block Transfer program for students with an Associate of Arts degree from an accredited community college.

To transfer your college credits to Rockhurst, the first step is to work with our transfer admissions team to figure out which credits transfer to Rockhurst. The more courses that transfer, the less time it’ll take to earn your degree from RU. Once you figure out if this plan works for your schedule and budget, you’ll apply online, submit your latest transcript(s), and (if you’ve completed less than 24 credit hours of college coursework) your high school transcript and ACT/SAT scores.

We recommend applying at least 60 days before the start of the next semester to take full advantage of transfer scholarships and financial aid opportunities.

Now let’s work through the details of transferring your college credits and courses.

College Course Equivalency

Step 1: Find Out if Your Credits Transfer

Like magic, our interactive transfer wizard will show you how completed courses transfer to your Rockhurst degree. We accept a variety of courses that you earned a C or better in from institutions nationwide to fulfill our core graduation requirements.

Step 2: Submit Your Transcripts

For official information on how your college credits transfer, you need to submit transcripts from each of the colleges or universities you have attended.

Please send transcripts to our Office of Admissions at Call 816-501-4600 with any questions.