Refund Schedule

Students may add and drop classes any time between their initial registration in the course and the last day of the Add/Drop period (7 calendar days from the first day of the semester).  Returning students use their Registration PIN to add or drop classes through their registration portal. Classes that are "Dropped" during the Add/Drop period will generate 100% refund.


ADD/DROP – this option exists from the time when Registration opens and extends to the end of the first 7 days of the semester. Students may Add or Drop any course through the student registration option located within their Rockweb portal. Undergraduate students will need to use their assigned Registration PIN to complete Add/Drops.  During this Add/Drop period students may add or drop any class and their account charges will automatically adjust to match their new registration hours. A dropped class may result in a refund unless the student’s enrollment status does not change (i.e. full-time student dropping a class but who remains registered for at least 12 hours will not receive a refund).

WITHDRAWAL – beginning on the 8th day of classes, students may no longer add or drop classes but only have the option to Withdraw from classes. The Withdrawal process may not be completed through the student’s registration portal but must be completed by using the “Change of Registration” form found on the Office of the Registrar's webpage.   A grade of ‘W’ (withdrawn) will appear on the student’s transcript for any withdrawn class.

It is the responsibility of the student to complete the course withdrawal process. Failure to attend or officially withdraw from a class will result in a failing grade.


Spring Semester 2021

16-Week Session
Begins January 26th and the last day to withdraw is April 9th
January 26th - February 2nd 100%
February 3rd - February 8th 75%
February 9th - February 15th 50%
February 16th - February 22nd 25%
February 23rd - May 12th 0%
A Session (1st 8-Weeks)
Begins January 26th and the last day to withdraw is March 5th
January 26th - February 2nd 100%
February 3rd - February 8th 50%
February 9th - March 19th 0%
B Session (2nd 8-Weeks)
Begins March 22nd and the last day to withdraw is April 29th
March 22nd - March 29th 100%
March 30th - April 6th 50%
April 7th - May 12th 0%