Campus Security

Community Center at night

Rockhurst University employs a full-time, in house security department. The department is made up of the Administration Section, Patrol Section, Communications Section and Investigations Section. Each section is responsible for a defined set of security service priorities.

How to reach Campus Security:

Dial 4010 on campus or use a red or blue campus phone to dial directly 24 hours a day.

Campus Eye

You can report campus safety issues directly to the Department of Safety and Security right from your smartphone using the Campus Eye mobile application. Download the app free for iOS or Android operating systems and call Security at 816-501-4010 to obtain our campus code. You will then be able to send photos and reports — anonymously, if you choose — and check on reports submitted previously to security. 

Security Services

The administration division provides the management function of the department. Makes sure that security services are properly delivered to the campus community by overseeing all operational aspects of patrol, communications and investigations. The maintenance of records, statistical gathering and reporting, security personnel function, planning, evaluating procedures, procedural development, training program development, equipment evaluation and change are a few of the responsibilities of the administration section. The Director and Assistant Director of Security, Administrative Coordinator, three sergeants and the departmental secretary work in the Administrative Section of the Department.

A complete field operations of the department. The Patrol Section is directed by a sergeant, who manages three field supervisors (Corporals), fifteen armed field officers, and six entry gate officers. This section patrols the campus, both motorized and on foot, responds to both emergency and non-emergency calls for service, prepares reports, checks buildings, performs numerous routine security services. This section works twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. The entry gate personnel are unarmed and perform entry gate security services and informational needs. This is a proactive department that concerns itself with crime prevention primarily and reactive response when necessary.

The Communications Section is managed by a sergeant, who supervises six dispatchers. This section performs the functions of information reception and dissemination. All incoming emergency and non-emergency telephone communications from the campus security phone system and regular phone systems are received by this section. Information received via telephone from the campus community is relayed via two-way radio to field personnel from the communications center located in the Service Center at 5401 Troost. Communications personnel (dispatchers) monitor all closed circuit television locations on campus. They also monitor the campus access control system. Information received via CCTV or the Access Control System is analyzed and then acted upon by communications personnel.

A sergeant manages the Investigations Section. This individual is responsible for the investigation of crimes occurring on campus or off campus if they affect the campus in some way. This department also has some crime prevention and community relations responsibilities.

All personnel in the Safety and Security Department except the departmental secretary and the graduate student assigned to the department are commissioned private officers with the Kansas City, MO Police Department. On Rockhurst University property they have the power of arrest. Those members of the department who carry a private detective license may also function off campus when doing university related security work.

Before being employed by the University's Safety and Security Department, each applicant is given an initial interview. Having successfully completed the interview, the applicant's information is submitted to an outside company for an extensive background investigation including criminal history check, previous employer interviews and educational achievement checks. Success in this phase leads to a physical exam and drug screen.

After hiring, each field officer candidate is given firearms training prior to qualification on the Kansas City, MO Police Department Range. All candidates receive approximately 60 hours of classroom training on a variety of topics ranging from University Policy and Procedures to arrest techniques. Field officer candidates are then assigned to an experienced officer for field training. Dispatchers are assigned to an experienced dispatcher for on the job training in the Communications Section. Field officers are given cross training in the Communications Section as well to familiarize themselves with this important function of the department.

A primary goal for all members of the Safety and Security Department is to develop and maintain positive relations with the students, faculty and staff of the University. This enables the building of a team approach to safety and security on the campus in essence it makes every member of the community a working member of the security effort. The basic tenets of crime prevention are taught and practiced by all members of the department and actively promoted with all members of the campus community.

Security is always promoted and actively applied to the University as an integral part of its basic operation. It is not a department separate from the rest of the campus, but a major part of the University Community.