Student being tutored

Free Tutoring

The Aylward-Dunn Learning Center offers one-on-one peer tutoring for over 50 courses each semester. If we don’t currently have a tutor for your class, we will try to find one for you! Our tutors can help with homework, concept mastery, study skills, exam preparation, language practice, or simply answer any questions you have about your courses and raising your GPA. All our tutors are Rockhurst students who know what it takes to succeed at RU and are ready to help you reach your academic goals.

How to Meet with a Tutor

We recommend making an appointment with a tutor when you are looking for academic help. To make an appointment, visit rockhurst.mywconline.com. If you need assistance registering for an account and/or making private tutoring appointments, consult our WC Online Guide for Students or visit the Learning Center in 200 Van Ackeren on the Rockhurst campus to find out if a tutor is available!