Engineering Bachelor Degree Program Options

Student works in a small group in class.

Engineering Bachelor Degree Program Options

Program Description 

The Rockhurst University Engineering program develops high-quality graduates who meet the needs of our society both locally and globally. Rockhurst University, in partnership with the University of Missouri-Kansas City, offers engineering degrees including civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering.  Students complete coursework on both the Rockhurst University and the University of Missouri-Kansas City campuses.

Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


Learning Outcomes 

When choosing where they want to work, engineering students are in the driver's seat thanks to the high demand for program graduates and the planned foundation built by a Rockhurst education.

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


Led by accomplished faculty, Rockhurst Engineering graduates are equipped and assured in their abilities to contribute to industry needs and will progress within the industry’s ranks. Thanks to productive study within a variety of courses, Rockhurst Engineering graduates are prepared with a broad set of skills to excel in an increasingly competitive global community.


Engineering graduates are engineers actively strengthening the life and growth of the region and are committed to the service of the modern world.