Core Curriculum Summary

Coding Scheme for the Core Curriculum

Courses approved for inclusion in the core curriculum are noted as such in this transfer articulation listing. The notations that appear beside the course name indicate where it fits into the core:

“OCP” – course that satisfies the oral communication proficiency

“WCP” – course that satisfies the written communication proficiency

“MTP” – course that meets the requirements of the mathematical proficiency

“GPR ” – course that meets the global perspectives requirement

Courses that fit the requirements of the modes of inquiry may be recognized by the abbreviations:

“AR” – Artistic Mode of Inquiry

“HS” – Historical Mode of Inquiry

“LT” – Literary Mode of Inquiry

“SC” – Scientific - Causal Mode of Inquiry

“SR” – Scientific - Relational Mode of Inquiry

“PL” – Philosophical Mode of Inquiry

“TH” – Theological Mode of Inquiry

The Roman numeral beside the abbreviation indicates whether the course is at level - one (“I”) or level - two (“II”).

Proficiencies (9 - 13 semester hours)

Written Communication EN 1110 College Composition I and

EN 1120 College Composition II OR

EN 1140 English Composition

Oral Communication CT 2000 Fundamentals of Communication

(EN 1110 or equivalent prerequisite)

Mathematics 3 - 4 semester hours of approved college-level mathematics

Modes of Inquiry (39 - 41 semester hours)

Artistic Mode 3 semester hours of approved coursework in art, music, theater, and/or French or Spanish film

Historical Mode HS 1100 Survey of Western Civilization I OR

HS 1500 Survey of Western Civilization II OR

HS 1701 World Civilizations to the 17th Century OR

HS 1702 World Civilizations Since 1492

Literary Mode EN 2740 World Literature Through the 16th Century OR

EN 2760 World Literature Since the 16th Century OR

EN 2900 - 2989 Studies in World Literature OR

FR or SP 3700 Intro to French or Hispanic Literature

In addition, one approved 3 - hour Level II course from either the Historical or Literary Mode.

The Literary Mode includes courses in English, French, and Spanish Literature.

Philosophical Mode PL 1100 Reality and Human Existence and PL 3100 Ethical Theory

Theological Mode TH 1000 Christianity I: Foundations and TH 3000 Christianity II: Development

In addition, one approved 3 - hour Level II course from either the Philosophical or Theological Mode.

Scientific - Causal Mode 4 semester hours of physical or biological science, including laboratory

Scientific - Relational Mode 6 semester hours in two different social or behavioral sciences

In addition, one approved 3 - hour or 4 - hour Level II course from either the Scientific - Causal or the Scientific - Relational Mode.

Global Perspectives Requirement 3 semester hours of a designated global perspectives course, or two semesters of the same college - level second language.