New Resident

As a newly accepted Student or current RU student who has not lived on campus or has moved off and would like to live on campus, you will use this website to apply for campus housing.  You will be able to sign your contract (lease agreement) and submit your housing preferences. All of the information is here to make your housing application experience quick and easy. Information on housing rates may be found in the contract packet linked below.  All incoming students may apply to live in one of our campus residence halls.

Residency Requirement

Rockhurst University Troost campus has a residency requirement that requires all full-time students to live with their parents/guardian (where they lived their senior year of high school)  or on campus unless they meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • Students classified as a junior have completed 60 hours post high school with at least a "C" average or who have lived on campus for four semesters
  • ​Students who are age 23 or older
  • Students who have completed active, full-time military service
  • Students who have a spouse or dependents living with them

If you do not meet any of the requirements above and opt to live with your parents/guardians, you must turn in a Residency Exemption Form.  The form must be completed for freshman and sophomore students who do not live on campus.  Each student must submit either a Residency Exemption form or a Housing Contract. Freshman and sophomore students who do not return either form will be assigned to University housing. Students will be subject to a prorated housing and meal plan if confirmation is received after the start of the academic year.  There is no Housing or Meal Plan refunds after the 4th week of classes for any given term.  

Apply to Live on Campus

Please follow the housing application instructions below:

  1. Before applying, please download review the 2020-2021 Residence Housing Contract.
  2. APPLY NOW: This  online application is for new students who have not lived in campus housing at Rockhurst. You will use your Rockhurst University Admission Portal login information to access the Housing Intent Form. By completing this application you are contracting university housing for the entire academic year (Fall to Spring).

Additional Forms and Information:

Housing Forms 
Housing Requirements 

Orientation Housing

Depending on housing population, we may open our empty rooms to commuter students to stay on campus during orientation. If space is available we will email new students about the possibility.

Already thinking ahead to your second year at Rockhurst? 
After your first year at RU you'll be able to choose your housing option for your second year. To plan for your second year, you may choose between the Residence Halls or you may apply with a group to live in one of the Townhouse Village units (THV) for your sophomore year. Returning housing applications will begin in January. Make sure to complete the online application (no matter which housing option you choose). If you want to apply with a group to live in a Townhouse Village unit you will need to download the necessary THV application form, found on the application page. Please remember it is a very competitive process.

Questions? Contact the Residence Life Office at 816-501-4663.