Off-Campus Housing

Not planning to live on Campus?

Freshmen and Sophomore students from the Kansas City area who will be living at home with a parent or legal guardian must complete and submit a Residency Exemption Form. Forms must be submitted to the Office of Residence Life before the start of fall and/or spring classes. Please note: documentation of residency must come in the form of copies of a parent's state issued driver's license, current vehicle registration, and voter's registration or a bill with parent's name and address of the location you will be staying and a copy of the student's birth certificate. Freshman and Sophomore students who do not return either form will be assigned to RU housing and given a meal plan. Students will be subject to a prorated housing and meal plan if confirmation is received after the start of the academic year. There is no housing refund after the 4th week of classes for any given term.

Housing applications for Off Campus Housing, Townhouse Villages and Rock Row can be accessed online through the site. You must login via the University portal in order to gain access to the applications.

If you have further questions please contact the Office of Residence Life at 816-501-4663 or by email at