Residence Life Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming and Non-Binary Housing

Guided by Rockhurst University’s institutional commitment to exercise care for students as wonderfully unique and intricately complex “whole people,” each endowed with God-given inherent dignity, Rockhurst Residence Life is dedicated to espousing a spirit of respect, compassion and sensitivity for and a commitment to providing safe, comfortable and supportive living environments for all students, including those whose gender identity and/or expression differs from the gender assigned to them at birth. 

Consistent with “cura personalis,” or “care of the whole person,” Residence Life housing assignments for students are guided by the following:

  • Respect for and affirmation of the student's gender identity and/or expression
  • Prioritized attention to the student's physical safety and emotional health
  • Enhancing the student's opportunity for success at Rockhurst by finding the best match between the student's needs and the residential options available (which can be limiting given the University’s facilities, i.e., traditional residence halls).

For students who identify with their cisgender (meaning their sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex), assignments will be made based upon their same gender within a unit/house/room/floor, unless they have chosen to live with a gender-diverse student.

The University allows students to register a preferred name on campus by completing the admissions application and filling in their preferred name or students may visit the Registrar’s web page regarding adding or changing a preferred name.

The following process has been developed in support of our LGBTQ+ students:

Transgender, Gender Non-conforming, and Non-binary students may:

  • Live with students who share their identity or who are affirming of their identity.  
  • Use the Housing Portal eRezlife to search for or be matched with roommates who share or affirm their gender identity. 
  • Indicate in the housing application the gender their assignment will be based upon.

If a student needs additional assistance, they may contact Residence Life professional staff for guidance in finding a housing assignment or roommate by emailing

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