Humans of RU

At the core of what makes Rockhurst, Rockhurst are its students. Humans of RU focuses on sharing the people who make Rockhurst University unique through stories, profiles and interviews. Each week a new student is featured, showcasing just one piece of the puzzle.
Cassey Hart, BSN, Class of 2020
Cassey Hart’s choice for where to pursue a degree in health care became obvious quickly, but it's her passion for impacting others that is driving everything she does.Read More
Anatali Aquino Rodriguez receives her pin.

To meet someone in the health care field is to meet someone passionate about caring for people. This can take the form of healing, treating, teaching, lending a listening ear, or a series of everything at once, but all through an attitude of service.

Meet Anatali Aquino Rodriguez, who served for 10 years at a community center that provided health care support to those in poverty and refugees from a variety of cultures.Read More

Lori Walters is a Family Nurse Practitioner student at Saint Luke's

​Lori Walters remembers herself as a 10-year-old girl sitting in the hospital for 10 weeks with her grandfather, who was being treated for esophageal cancer. He got a complete laryngectomy, had a stoma, and had to re-learn to talk.

“We spent every night in the hospital there,” she recalls. “So, I watched the nurses.”Read More

Donna Gardner, director of Medical Assisting Program at Saint Luke's College of Health Sciences

Donna Gardner laughs when she remembers her three young children helping her get through a medical assisting associate’s program as a single mom with a full-time job.

“They would hold my flashcards for me,” she said. “I mean, they couldn't even read and they would sit there and go ‘Yay, Mommy!’ whether it was right or wrong! They helped me learn all 208 of those bones in the body.”Read More

Katie Birkenfeld, Rockhurst University Class of 2013

What is your definition of success?

For many, it’s how far you can get in your career. Specifically, maybe it’s a title, salary or how many direct-reports you have.

Higher education serves as one of the initial steps on someone’s climb to their version of success, be it the top of the corporate ladder or a fulfilling career to make other goals possible. And rightly so.

But college doesn’t just serve as a career factory. At least it shouldn’t.Read More

Marc Kerby, M.Ed., and daughter

RU: Tell us about yourself:

Marc: I am married to my high school sweetheart, Kara. We've been married 22 years. We have three kids: Cole (20), Sofie (15) and Max (11). This past year was crazy. My wife went back to school to finish her associate's degree and my oldest son started his sophomore year of college. The entire family was in school!Read More

Sydney Shindler poses in front of a woodpile.

Everything’s bigger in Texas. There’s no messing with that – just ask any Texan.

But bigger isn’t always better… or the right fit.Read More

Kaley Marcinski holds up her anatomy cards for a photo.

What do anatomy, art and playing cards have in common?

Senior Kaley Marcinski has been working on playing cards with anatomical drawings on them since she was a freshman. Since she was always creating anatomical doodles, her advisor, Annie Lee, Ph.D, professor of chemistry, encouraged her to pursue her interest in art.

Fast forward, Marcinski then took an independent study within the art department.Read More

Two students stand in front of clothing rack

Sitting in professor Richard Wagner, Ph.D, assistant professor of economics’ Sustainability and Environmental Policy class last semester, senior transfer students Alexis Sims and Rachel Larberg were tasked with the assignment of coming up with a way that they could promote sustainability on campus. They came up with some ideas, but another took its place. They knew that they had an initiative that would benefit Rockhurst.

They took their idea to Laura Fitzpatrick, Ph.D, professor of economics for advice, and began working to bring “The Closet” to campus.Read More

Stockton Grunewald sits at a desk in Arrupe Hall.

Sophomore Stockton Grunewald has always loved learning about the past and reading about policy. His passion for these subjects led him to studying history and political science. Through his studies, he was encouraged by adjunct psychology professor, Alex McEntire, Ph.D., to put pen to paper on an idea for a story he had been thinking about for a while.

The book titled, “End of the Line”, contains a little bit of mythology, a little bit of history and a little bit of theology according to Grunewald.Read More