Humans of RU

At the core of what makes Rockhurst, Rockhurst are its students. Humans of RU focuses on sharing the people who make Rockhurst University unique through stories, profiles and interviews. Each week a new student is featured, showcasing just one piece of the puzzle.
Emily Dickson sits on the bleachers on bourke field

You arrive at the course, wearing your racing uniform, warm-ups, and your hair back in your favorite racing hairdo. The smell of freshly cut grass fills your nose, your feet feel warm in your shoes, and you see teams filing into the tent city. You survey the course, it is a (insert weather) day, but no matter the conditions you feel strong, rested, and ready to run a great race.

Freshman Emily Dickson has spent much of her life participating in sports. From a young...Read More

Andrew sits in front of a window

Sophomore Andrew Mallon was looking for somewhere he could be a part of something bigger than himself. His senior year of high school, he was considering applying to seminary. In January, he discerned out of it but realized he still had to make a decision about college. Thinking he was wanting to work with the Jesuits, he began looking at Jesuit schools.

“I obviously looked at Saint Louis University being from St. Louis. I had heard about Rockhurst before,” Mallon said. “I went to...Read More

Paola Rodriguez sits in a hammock on campus

Sophomore Paola Rodriguez always knew she wanted to further her education despite her immigration status. Now, she’s working a local organization to help students like herself fulfill their dreams of becoming a college graduate. Read below to find out more.

Q: How did you choose Rockhurst?

A: I knew I wanted to be an occupational therapist, so I started by looking at the top 50 schools in the U.S. and I applied to I think 30 of them. I got accepted to a...Read More

Caroline Adams sits in the big blue Adirondack chair on campus.

Figuring out a career path can be difficult. For junior Caroline Adams, her childhood paved the way for what she would ultimately become interested in as a career.

“I have so many photos from my childhood, so many albums. So I was always kind of interested in that,” Adams said.

Adams’ professional photography training came from a job she held in high school with a portrait company.

“I applied for Picture People at the local mall,” Adams said. “I was trained...Read More

Nhukha Nguyen, '21

Sophomore Nhukha Nguyen, a Kansas City native, came to Rockhurst in hopes of continuing her level of involvement from high school and finding ways she could be a leader on campus. Read more about her experience being a resident assistant below:

Q: What was your college search process like?

A: In high school, I wanted to go to school out of state and then my parents were all of a sudden like, ‘hold up, no, you can’t be in far proximity from us...Read More

Claire Webster sits near the St. Ignatius statue

As a first-generation college student, senior Claire Webster was looking for a school where she could continue to be a leader on campus while also staying true to herself.

Early in the college search process, Webster applied to around 10 schools, but was drawn toward the Jesuit mission that schools like Rockhurst, St. Louis University and Regis University have.

“Learning about the commitment to service and the emphasis on community attracted me to them,” Webster said. “They...Read More

David Walter sits on a ledge that looks out over the Rockhurst campus

An English and secondary education major with a passion for filmmaking, junior David Walter is one-third of a sibling-run film production agency. Walter Bros. Pictures, consisting of Walter himself, his brother Patrick and his sister Anastasia, began with a simple spark of interest in creating a movie.

“My older brother, Patrick, was a professional wedding photographer for a really long time. He had a lot of gear and one day I asked him, ‘Hey, can I use this to make a movie?’ And he...Read More

Connor Larson sits in a hammock

Junior Connor Larson spent his summer participating as a software engineer in a co-op internship with Cerner, a Kansas City-based company that specializes in healthcare technologies. He had the opportunity to apply what he learned in the classroom to the real world. Read his Q&A below for more.

Q: Why did you choose your major?

A: I have always loved anything computer related and solving problems so this major just made sense. I prefer working with...Read More

Emma Busch sits on steps on campus

Emma Busch, a sophomore majoring in exercise science and psychology, has spent a week of her past four summers volunteering at a camp with the Muscular Dystrophy Association. This year, as a Miller Service scholarship recipient, Busch was able to become more involved with her role at camp which helped push her closer to her future career goals.

Volunteering for the first time with the organization at age 16 helped her decide what she wanted to do for a future career.

“As a...Read More

Hannah Nelligan stands in front of pergola

Rockhurst holds many work-study positions for students. These positions are meant for students to be able to hold flexible jobs on campus while being able to focus on schoolwork. For junior Hannah Nelligan, this position happens to be on the grounds crew. Nelligan, who was looking for a work-study position at the time, started this job last summer after receiving an email with information about the position.

“Since I’m from around here, I can commute and do stuff. When I originally...Read More