Application Process for Incoming Freshmen

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How to Apply to RU

Test Options for Admissions and Scholarships

ACT/SAT Scores and Test Optional Admission & Scholarships 


  • For students graduating from a U.S.-based, accredited high school, Rockhurst University is a test optional institution for the majority of our majors (test-required majors are listed below).
  • Students applying to test optional majors/programs will first be reviewed for admission and initial scholarships based only on their academic performance from their high school transcript, and a holistic review of any involvement, service, recommendations, and personal statements provided by the student.
  • If a student sends us their ACT/SAT test score, we will only use the score in admission and scholarship decisions if the score helps the student, i.e. if the inclusion of a test score increases the student’s overall admission criteria and/or scholarship level. If the ACT or SAT score does not benefit the student, it is not included/considered in admission and scholarship decisions. 
  • An ACT or SAT test score will never reduce the general admissibility or scholarship eligibility of a student who meets criteria based on their high school performance from their official transcript. 

Majors and Special Academic Programs that Require ACT/SAT Scores 


The following special academic programs do require an official ACT/SAT test score for admission. Students applying to the listed majors will not be reviewed for graduate pre-admission until an official ACT or SAT test score has been received:

  • Special Academic Programs – A student can be admitted to the University, but will not be reviewed for these additional programs until an official test score has been received: 

    • Pre-Communication Sciences and Disorders Freshman Pre-admission Award
    • Pre-Occupational Therapy Freshman Pre-admission Award 
    • Pre-Physical Therapy Freshman Pre-admission Award 
    • Pre-Med Scholars 
    • NCAA Student Athletes 

*Because the Rockhurst University mission and values encourage the pursuit of academic inquiry, service and social justice, applicants and admitted students will not be penalized as the result of any disciplinary action by their high school resulting from lawful, peaceful protests organized to make a stand regarding critical societal issues.


Our Admission Timeline

Spring/Summer Before Your Senior Year 

  • Start narrowing down your list of colleges you’d like to apply to.
  • Apply to Rockhurst University (applications for the following fall go live in July).
  • Take ACT or SAT*.

*Please note that Rockhurst offers a test-optional admission process, so ACT and SAT results are only required for specific programs, as detailed above. For all programs, ACT and SAT results are considered to elevate scholarship award level for all admitted students (test results cannot be used to decrease award level as initially determined by GPA).

Fall Semester of Senior Year 

  • Submit your application to Rockhurst if you haven't yet. Be sure to complete the process by sending official transcripts.
  • Visit campus and get to know Kansas City. We host personalized individual visits, as well as large open house events throughout the year.
  • Re-take the ACT or SAT to improve your scholarship award level (your award level will never decrease based on a test score).
  • Complete your FAFSA and be sure to send it to RU (opens October 1, priority deadline is February 1)

Spring Semester of Senior Year 

  • Select Breen scholarship awardees are invited to attend Competitive Scholars Days which takes place in late January/early February (invitations sent closer to the event)
  • Apply for supplemental Rockhurst talent and interest scholarships (typically due in February)
  • Sign up for an Admitted Student Day which takes place in mid-February and mid-April (invitations sent to all admits closer to the event date)
  • Enrollment Deposit due date is May 1 (National College Candidate Reply Date). This deposit officially reserves your spot in the incoming class.
  • Advance class registrations for fall begin in late April
  • Housing intent forms and applications for fall become available after January 1

Contact our admissions team at any time for guidance through this process. We can help by answering questions and providing you with more details on all of the above.