Humans of RU

At the core of what makes Rockhurst, Rockhurst are its students. Humans of RU focuses on sharing the people who make Rockhurst University unique through stories, profiles and interviews. Each week a new student is featured, showcasing just one piece of the puzzle.
Hannah Nelligan stands in front of pergola

Rockhurst holds many work-study positions for students. These positions are meant for students to be able to hold flexible jobs on campus while being able to focus on schoolwork. For junior Hannah Nelligan, this position happens to be on the grounds crew. Nelligan, who was looking for a work-study position at the time, started this job last summer after receiving an email with information about the position.

“Since I’m from around here, I can commute and do stuff. When I originally...Read More

Laura Pezold serves fruit at NourishKC.

Junior Laura Pezold, a communication sciences and disorders major, has had a passion for service since she arrived on campus. This summer, Pezold is working as a Bishop Sullivan intern at NourishKC, an organization that provides a free, balanced meal to those who stop by for lunch. Read more about Pezold and her internship below.

Q: How did you end up at Rockhurst?

A: My sister (Sarah Pezold, ‘18) went to Rockhurst. She just graduated. When I toured with her...Read More

Cesar Aldana sits near the fountains on Rockhurst's campus

After completing his undergraduate degrees in exercise science and physics of medicine, doctor of physical therapy student Cesar Aldana decided to continue with graduate school at Rockhurst. Aldana originally focused his undergraduate college search on schools that had a pre-physical therapy program. He ended up choosing Rockhurst because of scholarships, because it was close to home and because the campus was small.

“I’ve heard a lot about small campuses because teachers are more...Read More

Karli Reichert sits on the steps by the bell tower

Junior Karli Reichert started playing volleyball in the third grade. She likes volleyball because it is a non-contact sport, but still competitive.

“I’ve always been really competitive. I’ve played tons of different sports, but I love that volleyball is noncontact. It’s just a really good way to get out my competitive side,” Reichert said.

But moving on to college competition was a decision that she made late in the game.

“It was such a fluke that I ended up at...Read More

Kevin Burjarski sits on a bench outside of Conway hall

You might think the ten minute walk across campus to class seems like an inconvenient commute, but think again. Graduate student Kevin Burjarski makes the weekly commute to campus all the way from Arkansas. Read his Q&A below for more.

Q: Where are you from?

A: I was born in Virginia. My dad was in the Navy, but I grew up in Missouri, around Springfield. My wife and I have been in Arkansas now for six years.

Q: Why did you move to Arkansas...Read More

Filippo Santandrea sits at a table in Arrupe

For graduate student Filippo Santandrea, the love of soccer expands far beyond the borders of his country.

Santandrea played for a club team when completing his undergraduate degree in Italy, but was looking to continue playing.

After finishing his degree in Italy, Santandrea heard from a friend who opened up an opportunity to travel and play soccer while also furthering his education.

“I played soccer seven years ago with a guy who’s playing and studying here. He’s...Read More

Veronica Clay sits in front of books in the library

Senior Veronica Clay has been passionate about writing poems and spoken word since she was young. The love she had for learning and writing lead her to publish her first book, Mile Marker 17, and later attend Rockhurst. Read her Q&A from this past spring below for more.

Q: What’s your major and grade?

A: I am a junior majoring in English with a concentration in both writing and literature, and I transferred here so it’s kind of been my freshman...Read More

Alexandra Meyer sits at a table under the pergola

Senior Alexandra Meyer had always planned to go to college, even though no one else in her family had previously attended. She wanted to be a sign language interpreter, but when a medical diagnosis changed her path, she was forced to choose a new track.

“I wanted to be a sign language interpreter for a really long time, and I speak sign language, so I’ve had this dream since fifth grade,” Meyer said. “I had always known that I had some kind of hearing problem, but we never had the...Read More

Kori Hines sits on a table in a meeting room in Arrupe.

Senior Kori Hines’ passion for helping others expands beyond the campus of Rockhurst. After being diagnosed with a blood cancer as an early teen, Hines saw a need to help the families of those diagnosed in a unique way. Read her interview below to find out more.


Q: What got you into the English/communication track and what do you want to do with that?

A: My goal is to get my doctorate in something. I want to be a college professor...Read More

Clare Mitchell stands outside of the Mabee Chapel.

Although senior Clare Mitchell is a Rockhurst legacy, choosing Rockhurst wasn’t an immediate decision.

“I was actually baptized in Mabee Chapel. Both of my parents came here and I’ve had a bunch of cousins come here before me,” Mitchell said. “It has always kind of been on my radar, but I didn’t necessarily see myself coming here until second semester of my senior year.”

Mitchell looked and applied at many schools before deciding to come to Rockhurst.

“I ended up...Read More