Humans of RU

At the core of what makes Rockhurst, Rockhurst are its students. Humans of RU focuses on sharing the people who make Rockhurst University unique through stories, profiles and interviews. Each week a new student is featured, showcasing just one piece of the puzzle.
Julia Mattivi stands in front of a Love Your Melon banner.

Love Your Melon, a national apparel brand, gives 50 percent of its profits to nonprofit partners who are involved with pediatric oncology or are funding research. When a customer buys a beanie, a beanie is given to a child with cancer. Julia Mattivi, a junior nursing major, was intrigued by the company’s mission of spreading awareness on a difficult topic after a story hit close to home.

“We actually had someone from Topeka who was in my brother’s grade. She was younger and she had...Read More

Nathaniel Brancato strums guitar while sitting at piano bench in Mabee chapel.

Nathaniel Brancato, ‘20, recalls having a keen interest in music since he was young. Brancato stated that he grew up around some “eclectic” music tastes.

“I’ve always loved music, it’s always been something I’ve enjoyed,” Brancato said. “My dad has always been into like reggae and classic rock, and my mom’s really been into jazz and a lot of different stuff.”

Considering himself as the “born-in-the-wrong-generation” kid, Brancato was hooked on the classic rock styles that he...Read More

Jake and Pete Randall standing in front of pergola at Rockhurst University

Twins Jake and Pete Randall planned to play basketball in college. After finding out that these plans would change, they decided to channel their passion for the sport toward a different outlet. Taking to social media, the twins built up a community of people who shared a love for basketball with their accounts, DunkBros and RandallTwins, on Instagram. As...Read More

Gabby Brancato sitting on a rock stamped with the Rockhurst logo.

The first semester of my freshman year, I was pretty skeptical about the whole college thing. Although I am a Kansas City native, I was still nervous about moving away from home and being away from my family for the first time. I was so nervous that I would get lost on the way to classes even though campus is fairly small. I worried too much about what people thought of me when I walked into class panting after walking to the third floor of Sedgwick (imagine Arrupe with six floors and no...Read More