History Overview

At Rockhurst, students are exposed to the tapestry of the human past in various times and places. Through our courses students develop the intellectual skills necessary to act as historians and informed citizens. That means learning to ask insightful questions, to find sources that bear on those questions, to interpret those sources in ways that resolve questions and to communicate the answers in an excellent and convincing fashion. The goal of the Rockhurst Department of History is to make a difference in students’ lives by increasing their understanding of the past and improving their ability to think critically, reason cogently, and communicate clearly. Learning history is a rewarding experience that enriches one’s personal, public, and professional life, no matter what career path one chooses. We would argue that the study of history also engenders an unparalleled understanding of the human experience, in both the past and the present. In the cultures and societies of past peoples, we find our own origins.

Consider This…

  • At Rockhurst, history classes are small, allowing our faculty to know their students by name and engage them in active discussions, both in and out of the classroom.
  • Rockhurst’s history faculty all hold Ph.D.’s in their disciplines and are active within the history profession as authors, commentators, and reviewers. Faculty members have traveled and studied widely throughout the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and bring their experiences into the classroom.
  • The Rockhurst History Department offers a wide spectrum of courses in American, European and World History. Students can choose from courses as diverse as Ancient History, Crusades, Chivalry, and the Medieval Experience, as well as Medieval Europe, Science, Religion and Magic in Modern Europe, the Modern Middle East, American Women and American cultural and diplomatic history. Find our course offerings in history as listed in the catalog.
  • Upper Division students have the opportunity to pursue their own areas of interest and research by contracting with a professor for an independent study course.
  • A degree in history prepares students for a variety of different careers, as it trains students to develop critical thinking skills, conduct research and write persuasively.
  • Rockhurst history graduates are engaged in a variety of different careers, including: government service, law, secondary and higher education, international business, journalism, museum and archival work, criminal justice and non-profit work.

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For further information:
Contact Faith Childress, Ph.D., Chair of the Department of History, at 816-501-4785.