Student and Advisor Roles

Students are responsible for:

  • Reading the catalog
  • Checking the academic calendar
  • Using the online course schedule to plan for the semester
  • Meeting with their assigned academic advisor
  • Preparing for meetings with their advisor
  • Using degree audit (compliance report) to monitor their academic progress
  • Submitting paperwork to appropriate offices (transcripts of all college coursework, add/drop forms, declaration of major, degree application, etc.)
  • Maintaining and regularly checking Rockhurst email (and voicemail if on campus)
  • Making decisions about their academic career

Advisors are responsible for:

  • Helping advisees understand student responsibilities
  • Understanding and explaining core requirements
  • Understanding and explaining general graduation requirements
  • Being reasonably available to advisees
  • Preparing for meetings with advisees
  • Assisting advisees to define and develop realistic goals
  • Using degree audit (compliance report) for monitoring the progress of advisees
  • Reviewing their advisees’ mid-term grades
  • Being familiar with campus resources
  • Making referrals when appropriate