Health & Safety

Corcoran Hall

Health and Safety Inspections

Officials of Rockhurst University reserve the right to conduct health and safety inspections of student rooms in all University-owned housing. Advance notice to residents will ordinarily be given prior to such inspections. Residents are encouraged to be present while the inspections are made, but rooms and units will be inspected on the designated date regardless of the resident's presence. Residence Life staff members will inspect all rooms or apartments at the end of each semester and prior to breaks. Residents are to have their room or unit clean upon inspection. If, upon entry, a violation is visible (i.e. lounge furniture, alcohol, etc.) it will be handled through the Code of Conduct disciplinary process. Prohibited items may be confiscated to promote safety and compliance with campus policy. Anything in plain view that is considered a violation of state or federal law may be referred to the Rockhurst University Department of Safety and Security for investigation. Rooms should be kept in a clean, orderly manner at all times. The custodial personnel in each building can assist in providing cleaning supplies.

Typically, Residence Life staff will complete inspections in October at Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, and during Spring Break closing. Staff will enter student rooms in pairs to inspect the following:

  • 75% of window area clear
  • windows are working
  • no excessive cords/extension cords
  • working smoke detector
  • room is clean
  • door knob is working
  • no pets (Fish in a 10 gallon or less tanks are acceptable)
  • there are restricted appliances
  • there are no policy violations

If residents have health and safety violations, they will receive a letter stating what the violation is and when staff will return to do a re-inspection. If violations are not fixed, residents will be billed according to our policies in the Student Handbook.

Health and Safety Fines

Excessive Dirtiness $50.00 
Cleaning Fee $100.00
Candles (each) $75.00
Extension cords $25.00 (each) (appropriate surge protected extension cords can be purchased in the Campus Bookstore)
Biohazard $350.00 (or determined by Physical Plant) 
Tampered Smoke Detectors $200.00 
Improper Checkout $100.00
Unapproved Room Change (Room change fine and lock change) $150.00

Room Entry

It is the University’s intention to ensure privacy in students’ premises.  The University reserves the right to enter student premises for the purposes of inspecting the premises when an authorized agent of the University has reasonable belief, including but not limited to the following: an occupant of the room may be physically harmed or endangered, the University’s property is damaged, a University policy is being violated, maintenance and/or repair is necessary, or otherwise as may be necessary for the health, safety, or general welfare of the student residential community.  If practical, the University will not enter a student’s room unless accompanied by the student or a second authorized representative of the University.