Summer Housing

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The following eligibility requirements apply for summer housing:

  • Summer Housing Applications are due by Friday, April 17, 2020.
  • Students with outstanding balances on their student accounts as of May 1 are not eligible for summer housing.
  • Summer housing bills must be paid in full by May 17.
  • Students must be enrolled in summer classes and be pre-registered for fall 2019 classes to be eligible for summer housing, unless they are enrolled in a special program at the University.
  • Summer residents must be in good (academic and disciplinary) standing with the University.
  • Summer residents generally reside in the 4-person THV apartments, along with other summer residents. Locations are subject to change based on the summer maintenance schedule.
  • Students who need to stay on campus continuously may be housed at the break housing rate after the halls close on May 8 until the start of summer classes; and after summer classes end until campus residences open for the fall semester on August 16. Space is limited.
  • The Office of Residence Life will make every attempt to honor roommate requests, but will assign students at its sole discretion.
  • Due to required end-of-summer cleaning schedules, summer housing assignments may be changed after July 26.

Summer Housing Rate: $2200

Continuous campus housing is available from the close of the spring semester housing on May 7, 2020, through fall opening on August 16, 2020 The 2019 summer housing rate for continuous housing is $2200.

Students not requiring housing for the entire summer may have their summer housing rate prorated based on the actual number of weeks campus housing is needed. Please notify Residence Life of your summer housing move-in and move-out dates.