Run, Hide, Fight

Run, Hide, Fight is Rockhurst's protocol when there may be some risk to the campus community.


  • Have an escape route and plan in mind.
  • Leave your belongings behind.
  • Keep your hands visible.


  • Hide in an area out of the shooter's view.
  • Block entry to your hiding place and lock the door.
  • Silence your cell phone and/or pager.


  • As a last resort and only when your life is in imminent danger.
  • Act with aggression and throw items at the active shooter.
  • Attempt to incapacitate the shooter.

If you can make a phone call without attracting attention, contact Security (ext. 4010) from a campus land line or 816-501-4010 from your cell phone. Or, send a text message to a friend and ask that person to make the call.