Contacting Security

In order for the Safety and Security Department to be effective, the ability to contact them quickly and efficiently is of paramount importance. The department can be contacted utilizing the following methods:

  • Red Phone System- The red phone system is located in all campus buildings. Phones are also mounted on the exteriors of all campus buildings. These are regular phone instruments without dial capability. All you need to do is pick up the receiver and the phone will automatically dial the Security Department dispatcher. These phones can be used for either emergency or non- emergency reporting. See Security Map
  • Code Blue Phone System- The code blue system is located strategically around campus in parking lots and along pedestrian walkways. These phone devices are located in a post type structure with a blue light on top. They do not have a phone instrument attached, but a red button and speaker. Press the red button and the phone will automatically dial the Security Department dispatcher. After the connection is made it will not be broken until the dispatcher hangs up. These phones can be used for either emergency or non-emergency reporting. See Security Map.
  • Regular Campus Phone System- The Safety and Security Department can be contacted for either emergency or non-emergency purposes via the regular campus phone system by simply dialing extension 4010. 
  • If you are off campus and wish to contact the Safety and Security Department, you can do so by dialing 816-501-4010. 

How to reach Campus Security
Dial 4010 on campus or use a red or blue campus phone to dial directly 24 hours a day.

Campus Eye
You can report campus safety issues directly to the Department of Safety and Security right from your smartphone using the Campus Eye mobile application. Download the app free for iOS or Android operating systems and call Security at 816-501-4010 to obtain our campus code. You will then be able to send photos and reports — anonymously, if you choose — and check on reports submitted previously to security. 

Reporting Crimes As Well As Suspicious Persons and Activity
Whenever a member of the campus community is victimized by crime or someone views a suspicious person or activity, he or she must contact Security immediately. This makes all of us a part of the Security effort.

Should a student request a change of housing status for fear of crime, i.e. they were raped or in some other way victimized by crime, the Residence Life Office will make every effort to accommodate the student. A full review of the circumstances will be made prior to a change in residence location.

The Rockhurst University Safety and Security Department makes every effort to report all crimes that occurred in the area. This area spans from 51st Street on the North to 55th Street on the South and from Troost on the West to Paseo on the East borders of the campus neighborhood.

Care, Concern and Incident Reporting
If you need to report an incident involving concerning behavior, misconduct, discrimination or harrassment, please view the care, concern and incident reporting forms.

If this is an emergency situation, please contact Campus Safety at 816-501-4010 or call 911 immediately.

Campus Security Location

Service Center
5401 Troost Kansas City, MO 64110-2561

Administrative Office
816-501-4659 Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

For general inquiries, contact
For inquiries regarding sexual offenses, contact