Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention is defined as "the anticipation, recognition and appraisal of a crime risk and the initiation of some action to either remove or reduce that risk."

All Security efforts at Rockhurst have as their primary objective the implementation of the basics of crime prevention. The ultimate goal of security efforts is the elimination of victimization. Unfortunately there will always be times when crimes are committed and the department must move from proaction to reaction and respond rapidly to deal with the results of victimization. The more effective the department is at prevention, the fewer reactive responses will have to be made.

How to reach Campus Security:
Dial 4010 on campus or use a red or blue campus phone to dial directly 24 hours a day.

Communicating Crime Prevention to the Campus Community
In order to get the crime prevention message out to the campus community, some of the following methods are used:


  1. Use of patrolling techniques and methods used to limit criminal opportunity by identifying persons who do not belong on University property;
  2. Making apprehensions and detaining for police where appropriate for trespassing and other crimes;
  3. Patrolling the immediate neighborhood and working with neighborhood associations and Kansas City, Mo. Police Dept. Community Policing Officers.

Presentation of programs to students and all interested members of the campus community on crime prevention or other security-related topics such as, but not limited to: Residence Hall Security, Auto Theft Prevention, Street Safety, Rape Prevention and Reporting Procedures, Fire Safety, Crime Reporting procedures and Security Dept. services availability, i.e., escorts.

The Safety and Security Department actively solicits topics for programs from the campus community. If the department does not have expertise in a particular area of concern, the information will be found and offered to those concerned.

Reporting Crimes as well as Suspicious Persons and Activity
Whenever a member of the campus community is victimized by crime or someone views a suspicious person or activity, he or she must contact Security immediately. This makes all of us a part of the Security effort.

Should a student request a change of housing status for fear of crime, the Residence Life Office will make every effort to accommodate the student. A full review of the circumstances will be made prior to a change in residence location.