Disciplinary Procedures

In the case of students, discipline charges under the University Disciplinary System may be filed any time while students are attending the University. Students making a report of a sex offense to the University Safety and Security Department are initiating a charge under the University Disciplinary System.

Sex offense charges against students may be processed through the University Disciplinary System. The standard will be whether it is more likely than not that the charged student has violated this sex offense policy. Students found to have violated this Sex Offense Policy will be disciplined, up to and including expulsion from the University. Sanctions will not be lessened because the offense was committed with an acquaintance or while on a date.

How to reach Campus Security:
Dial 4010 on campus or use a red or blue campus phone to dial directly 24 hours a day.

Employee Discipline 
Those employees found violating the University's rules and regulations regarding alcoholic beverages, illegal drug use, or other published violations will be dealt with via the progressive disciplinary system, possible immediate termination or referral to the criminal justice system will be dictated by the facts of each situation.

Sexual Offenses
Rockhurst University recognizes sex offenses as an important issue; as a consequence, the University offers education programming concerning the awareness of rape, acquaintance rape and other forcible and non-forcible sex offenses. Training in how to prevent as well as deal with the aftermath of such attacks is given to members of the Residence Life staff, Student Development staff and the Safety and Security Department. All groups on campus are encouraged to attend programs offered on sex offense topics. Students, faculty and staff have available to them the resources of the Counseling Center, Student Development and Campus Safety and Security regarding the topics of sexual assault prevention and survival. Any campus group or individual is strongly encouraged to contact any of the listed offices to seek information on the available programming as well as the large amounts of printed material on the subject that are available through these sources.

Procedures for Dealing with Sexual Offenses
Rockhurst University strongly encourages those who have been victimized by a sexual assault to report the incident immediately in order to seek out all available assistance. This assistance includes help with filing criminal charges against the assailant and the pursuit of University Disciplinary Proceedings, if applicable.

Taking Immediate Actions: 
Contact the Rockhurst University Safety and Security Department right away. They will immediately respond and advise you on what actions to take. They will contact all relevant staff to assist you at this initial point and help to take you through the remaining processes.

Do the Following:

  • After contacting Security, try to relax until they arrive.
  • If you are in a Residence Hall, have another student, RD or RA wait with you.
  • Cooperate with the efforts of all University Personnel.
  • Give details of assailant to the Security Department.

Do Not Do the Following:

  • Take a shower or wash in any way.
  • Change clothes or wash clothing affected.
  • Go to the hospital or clinic on your own.
  • Try to apply first aid to yourself unless absolutely necessary.

Victims will be encouraged to contact the Kansas City Missouri Police Department and report this crime. The University Safety and Security department will assist you in this effort.

Victims have the right not to provide a statement to the police department or the campus Safety and Security Department. However, the crime statistic (without detail) must be reported in the Annual Campus Security Report. All other relevant provisions of the Campus Security Act must be fulfilled, including the timely reporting of the event to the campus community. Only the barest details need to be reported and do not include the name or any other descriptors relevant to the victim.

Alcoholic Beverages and Illegal Drugs

Rockhurst University observes all of the laws of the State of Missouri regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages. It does so as a law-abiding citizen and to safeguard those persons whose rights are threatened by irresponsible drinking on campus or at social events.

Students who are 21 years of age or older may drink alcoholic beverages on campus, but only as guided and regulated by the Student Handbook. NO ONE under the age of 21 can possess or consume alcoholic beverages on campus. Those found doing so are subject to confiscation of the alcoholic beverage and to the University's disciplinary policy or criminal statutes pertaining to illegal activity.

Illegal Drugs
Any student or employee who uses, possesses, sells, distributes or transfers any unlawful or unprescribed drug, including marijuana, will be held responsible for his or her behavior. This applies on the University campus and at any University-sponsored or affiliated event held off campus. Students or employees found involved in such activities will be subject to disciplinary action or criminal prosecution.