Interfaith & Ecumenical

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 SEEK, Spiritually Engaging Everyone’s Knowledge, sponsors monthly events that encourage:

  • increased understanding/appreciation between people of different/no faith traditions
  • growth in awareness of one’s own faith tradition.

Guest speakers, intentional dialogue, and fellowship epitomize SEEK activities.  For more information contact Gianna Carleo at 816-501-4303

Interfaith Panel

In an effort to deepen our relationships with God and our own religious traditions, as articulated in Rockhurst University’s core value Finding God in All Things, Campus Ministry annually partners with university departments to sponsor an interfaith panel in which students of varying faith traditions articulate the ways in which their religion intersects with Rockhurst’s core values, which are rooted in our Ignatian Heritage.

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is an interdenominational Christian group. We gather weekly for bible discussions and together, try to figure out how to apply Scriptures as Rockhurst students. We welcome students from all spiritual backgrounds who would like to learn more about who Jesus is and to share his love with Rockhurst.

Contact Rosie Mazzuca ( or Amy Morgan ( for more information or to join a Bible study.

At Rockhurst, we value faith and spirituality as essential components of Jesuit education. We encourage all students to grow in their own religious faith during their years at Rockhurst.

Celebrate, nurture and discover the richness of your faith, and encounter the religious diversity of others in this “home for all faiths.”

Looking for a place to worship? 

The Campus Ministry team would be happy to assist you in locating a local community of faith. Please complete this area faith community form and a member of the Campus Ministry staff will be in touch shortly. Also, if you presently worship at a local faith community and are willing to have others attend with you, please contact Bill Kriege to provide details so we can invite other students.

Student in Interfaith Prayer Room

Looking for a place to pray?

Campus Ministry is excited to offer our Multifaith Prayer Room for people of any faith tradition or for people who simply need a place of respite. Located in the Campus Ministry Center (CMC), this space is accessible via Rockhurst University swipe from 7am to 11pm, 7 days a week. A bathroom with tub (for foot washing) is adjacent to this space.

Looking to get involved on campus?

Campus Ministry events and activities are open to students of all denominations and faiths.  In particular, we invite you to consider:
Frosh Get-A-Way
Retreat on the Rock 
Prayer Services

Connect with us

Take the next step and contact us or stop by our offices in Massman 3 to introduce yourself.

All events and activities are open to students of all denominations and faiths.