Advanced College Credit Program (ACCP) High School Instructors

Instructor Approval
Each high school instructor teaching an ACCP course is approved by the respective Rockhurst University Department. To be approved, the instructor must have a minimum of a Masters degree, which includes significant course work in the subject area.

Approved high school instructors are partnered with a Rockhurst University faculty member, who is a liaison and resource.

Syllabus Development
Current instructors are required to submit a college level syllabus each semester for which they teach a Rockhurst University course.

Student Enrollment
Enrollment for students is held on-site each semester. At the discretion of the school, registration is either conducted in each course which is being offered as an ACCP course or in a group registration for all students taking ACCP courses. To determine when registrations will be held at your school, please check with the coordinator.

Library Access
All ACCP Instructors may obtain a Rockhurst University identification card. This card is required for checking out materials from the library.

Campus Visits
High school instructors are encouraged and welcome to bring students to campus for instruction in library use and research projects. To arrange such a visit contact Tensy Marcos-Bodker at the library, 816-501-4189 or

For assistance in obtaining identification cards to use the library services, please contact the ACCP Coordinator in the Dean's Office of the College of Arts and Sciences by phone (816)501-4820 or e-mail:

High school students enrolled in ACCP courses are eligible to obtain a Rockhurst University Identification Card. In addition to using the card for library access, the card allows students to attend campus events for the student fee. A listing of events can be found at the Centers for Arts and Letters.

You may want to check the site for lectures or performances relevant to your students.