Advanced College Credit Program (ACCP) FAQs

What are the advantages of enrolling in ACCP courses?

Earning college credit in high school allows you more scheduling flexibility at the college you decide to attend. There are three ways this can happen. By taking advanced credit courses in high school which are equivalent to introductory college courses, you can pursue higher level courses sooner, particularly in areas of interest. Economically, a student who completes enough advanced credit course work may accelerate the degree program and save on tuition. Alternatively, having advanced credit course work will allow you to "ease" into the college transition by taking a slightly reduced course load during your first year.

Does enrollment in ACCP mean I have been accepted to Rockhurst University?

ACCP enrollment is a "special, non-degree seeking" registration. While ACCP courses earn Rockhurst University credit, a student interested in enrolling full-time at the university needs to contact the Office of Admission at 816-501-4100, or e-mail them directly.

Will ACCP credit be transferable to other colleges?

ACCP courses are transferable to most colleges and universities. However, a small number of schools will not accept credits for courses taken at the high school, and some others have policies which vary among programs and departments. Contact the college you plan to attend or consult the college catalog to determine the school's transfer policy.

How do I get a transcript sent?

Credits are posted to a Rockhurst University transcript each term you are enrolled, complete payment, and earn credits in an ACCP course. To have the transcript sent you will need to pay a $10 fee for each transcript. For information to pay the fee and request your transcript be sent, visit

How does ACCP affect my G.P.A. at my college?

This will vary somewhat depending on the college. Students who pursue a degree at Rockhurst will have their ACCP courses computed just as any other course work taken at the university. Most schools do not compute transfer work as part of the school's G.P.A., although a grade of "C" or better is usually required for credit to transfer. Competitive scholarships, though, may include transfer work, including ACCP, in G.P.A. calculations.

If I enroll in the first semester, do I have to enroll second semester?

If you wish to receive credit for a second course in College Composition, French, Spanish, Latin, or History you must register for that course in January. If you are taking a two semester sequence, for example English 1110 and 1120, enrolling in the first course does not obligate you to take the second. At the same time, enrolling in the first semester does not automatically enroll you in the second semester. Registration must be completed each semester to ensure enrollment. Enrollment must be completed by the announced deadline for each semester. Mathematics and Science courses are year-long courses. No re-registration is required during the spring semester.

What if I am not doing well in a course?

If you have spoken with your instructor and determine that it would be in your best interest to withdraw from the ACCP enrollment, contact the ACCP Coordinator at Rockhurst University, 816-501-4820. Dates for withdrawing are listed on the ACCP Academic Calendar. Your high school instructor cannot withdraw you from Rockhurst University. If you withdraw, a "W" will be posted on your Rockhurst University transcript. This indicates you were enrolled, but did not complete the course. Withdrawal from ACCP does not affect your high school enrollment. If you withdraw from your high school course, you must also withdraw from Rockhurst University by contacting the ACCP Coordinator.

Have I completed payments for the ACCP course?

You may obtain an account balance by calling Student Accounts at 816-501-4175.

Why do some courses span the full-year and only receive the amount of credit I would receive in one semester if attending the university?

Science and mathematics courses generally require a great deal of laboratory work in addition to the lecture and discussion material. To accommodate these requirements the course is extended over both semesters. Some other ACCP courses incorporate the course work required by the University plus additional material considered relevant and useful by the high school. Additional classroom time is necessary to assimilate this expanded agenda. Students enroll in the fall for these year-long courses and do not re-enroll for the spring semester.

What should I do if I decide I do not want to take the course for credit from Rockhurst University?

If you registered for the course and later determine that you do not want to take it for college credit, contact the ACCP Coordinator at Rockhurst University, 816-501-4820. The Coordinator will provide you with a withdrawal form. The date by which a withdrawal must be completed is on the ACCP Academic Calendar.

I did not enroll in the first semester (Fall). May I enroll in the second semester (Spring)?

For some courses, such as a modern language or history course, it may be possible to enroll in the second semester although you did not enroll in the first. However, it is not possible to enroll in the second semester of College Composition without having taken the first semester for college credit. Receiving college credit for the first semester of College Composition is a prerequisite for registering for the second semester. If you have questions about prerequisites, you should contact the ACCP Coordinator.

I'm having trouble getting answers about transferring ACCP credits to the college to which I am applying. Can you help me with this?

Yes. If you are not able to get your questions answered, or if you have received two or three different answers, call us at 816-501-4820 or e-mail , and we will assist you as much as we are able.