RU Academies FAQs

What are the RU Academies?

We know how important it is for new students to get connected and involved on campus right away. We also know that with so many options, it can be hard to find out where to start. So Rockhurst took some of our best events, programs, opportunities and experiences we offer all RU students, and built them into themed academies to help incoming freshmen plug into involvement areas they might be interested in exploring.

What academy options are there?

The fall 2019 academy options are:

  • Emerging Leaders Academy
  • Service Academy
  • Living Faith Academy
  • Innovation Academy
  • Undergraduate Research and Creativity Academy

Do RU Academies cost extra?

No. Selecting academy membership does not cost anything. However, some of their individual experiences may have individual expenses associated. Any cost for a particular event or opportunity promoted through an academy will always be made clear up front.

Why can I only pick one academy?

The academies are designed to give you a pre-packaged intro into involvement and experience areas at RU tied to each academy’s “theme.” It’s a deeper dive into a particular area of experience, but being in an academy will never prevent you from getting involved in other programs, events or opportunities at RU. But picking two or three academies might be a bit overwhelming. So let’s just start with one for now.

Can I get involved in things outside of my academy?

Yes! Not only can you, but you should. RU Academies are designed as a deeper introduction to particular areas of involvement, but will never limit you from participating and engaging in lots of different RU experiences outside of your academy package.

What if I want to change my academy?

You can update your academy choice any time before orientation. After that, it depends on the space available in the academy you want to change to. But remember, you’re always free to get involved in other areas all across campus regardless of your academy selection.

Do I have to sign up for an academy?

No. Academy participation is 100% optional, but encouraged as a great way to get connected, to get involved and to benefit from RU opportunities right away.