Science and Pre-Med Internship Guide

Science and pre-med majors are often planning to attend graduate or professional school, or seek positions in research or business. Internships and other forms of practical experience are available for science majors in business, education, government, and non-profit.

Getting Started

  • RESUME! Creating your resume is the first step of any internship search. Come to Career Services for examples, advice, and resume review.
  • Brainstorm – what would you like to do, for what kind of organization?

Internship Postings

Many internship opportunities can be found online:

  • The RU Career Account:
    This account must be set up by Career Services. It gives access to internship postings sent directly to Rockhurst from employers. Sign up for an account at weekly workshops offered on Tuesdays at 3:30 pm, Wednesdays at 10:00 am, and Thursdays at 1:00 pm in Career Services.
    • NACE Link
      This database is offered through the RU Career Account and is a good resource if you are seeking opportunities outside of Kansas City, especially in major metropolitan areas.
  • Organization Websites:
    Many organizations post internships on their own websites.

Research Opportunities


3-6 months prior to when you want to start an internship/
10-12 months prior to when you want to start a summer research experience:

  • Create your resume or curriculum vitae; take it to Career Services for review
  • Research companies and programs
  • Secure letters of recommendation
  • Begin applications
  • Practice with a mock interview in Career Services

Kansas City Organizations

Resources for researching organizations in Kansas City:

Examples of organizations:

Searching in Other Cities

Use the same resources; simply focus them on other cities. NACE Link, an internship/job database through the RU Career Account, is connected to 500 other colleges nationwide. Additionally, many Jesuit universities offer reciprocal career services. Contact RU Career Services to find out if you can receive services from another Jesuit university in the city you want to search in.